How to Ethically Declutter

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Everyone seems to be on a decluttering kick in recent years. Thanks to programs like The home Edit and Marie Kondo. But there is little mentioned about the ethical impact of all of those black bags that people seemed to throw away in haste. It’s perfectly logical to want to strip back what you own and have a more streamlined life with less clutter. 

It’s also a positive thing to want to have less ‘stuff’. Decluttering gives us a chance to focus on what really gives us joy and matters to us. 

However, when you are starting that cleansing declutter, then there are some ways that you can make it more ethical. Here is my guide on how to declutter ethically.

Organised room. How to declutter ethically.

Stop Throwing Everything Away

Most of the big declutter programs will talk about throwing everything out and discarding it all. Filling endless black bags of mixed materials and throwing it out, when with a little more time, you can really make an impact with your rubbish. 

List it

Make a list of everything that you are getting rid of and ask people if they are in need of anything. A quick Facebook post or round-robin text will maximise your coverage. If you have family members who have always commented on your extra set of plates or the cups that only come out once a year – it might be time to say goodbye to them too. 

Sell it

You can make plenty of money for selling what you no longer use. It is estimated that each home has at least four thousand dollars to be made by selling unused and unloved items. 

You can sell on sites such as eBay, Facebook Market, Twitter, and other local listings. It is a good idea to have everything listen as pick-up only. This will avoid any postage fees. 

Just make sure that if something costs 99p to list, it will make at least double or more. 


There are many different charities out there, and they will all accept a range of different items, from old electrical goods to terracotta vases. Shelters and aid programs can guarantee that the items are going to go somewhere that really needs them. They will also take care of everything most of the time; all you have to do is get the item to the correct place. 

When you donate, you are usually helping people and animals in the local area, and that means an overall improvement in the lives of others, the economy, and the community. All of these are really good things and take minimal effort on your part. 


Yes, some things will require the right services to clean up properly. If you don’t know where to start, check out Lovejunk, an online marketplace for getting rid of bulky waste. It finds your cheapest available licensed waste collector or reuse charity and is free to use. When it comes to some types of flooring, rubber tires, and other rubber items, concrete bricks, and other garden waste, the right bin hire can make the process smoother. And you know for sure that the discarded material will be disposed of correctly. 

There is a lot of positive to be found in stripping yourself of excess you don’t need or love. But it should be done in a way the compliments the local community and the environment. 

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