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How to Find Affordable but Great Beauty Products

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When it comes to beauty and skincare products, we all know just how expensive they can get and they can add up to a great amount of money spent when you bought everything you needed. For those, using make-up products or even just regular skincare know this very well. We tend to associate price with quality, but this isn’t always the case, in case many cheaper products work just as well (sometimes better) than the luxury item. Not saying this as a general rule of thumb but when you do a little research, it is likely you find something similar for a lot let money. Which really matters theses days. Sometimes more budget friendly products can be just as good as the upmarket equivalent. 

Having said that, I also need to add, that not all affordable products are actually worth buying, even if they are cheap. The secret lies in knowing what you need and what is your budget. So these are my tips to find affordable but great beauty products.

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How to Find Affordable but Great Beauty Products

Beauty dupes

We call them dupes but it’s nothing to do with fakeness. When talking about dupes we are NOT talking about counterfeit copies of a luxury product! (It is highly advisable, that you never by counterfeit products just to save money, they are never meet expectations and in fact they can be dangerous to use!)

When talking about dupes, we talk about rather a very very similar product by another big and well-known – but cheaper – brand that looks and knows the same as the more expensive one. These are also superb quality products, but they aren’t as expensive as the luxury brands.

Here’s a good example put together by Love Discount Vouchers about beauty dupes 2023.

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Know where to spend and where to save

This is also a golden rule when it comes to shopping for the right beauty and skincare products. Not every item worth giving up and not every saving is a saving… You’ve got to know your own needs, skin and what’s available and where. Say, if you have a favourite bronzer and you’ve been using it for a long time because you never found a better on (like me, I’ve been using the same for a decade), then you just have to go with that. But you can try to swap other, less important things for a cheaper product.

Natural products tend to be cheaper

Not ALWAYS the case, but most of the time. Why? Because natural products don’t require lots and lots of ingredients that can only be produced in labs, they don’t need to be tested on animals (big plus!) but they contain quite simple, inexpensive and non-toxic ingredients. When I say they tend to be cheaper – this is the reason for it, but when it’s not cheaper, it can also be because small brands with handmade products need to be a little more expensive for the production to worth it. They are not mass produced items, sold to supermarket chains – so the price reflects that quite often.

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