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How to find the perfect family home

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How to find the perfect family home

Buying a family home is an exciting time, and a milestone achievement for many families across the UK each year. Choosing the right property comes down to a number of factors, including your lifestyle, family dynamic and budget, all of which need to be considered before making an investment.To help you find method in the madness, we’ve come up with our recommendations on what to consider when searching for your ideal family home.

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Look to the future

It’s important not to judge a book by its cover. Just because a property looks outdated or the existing décor is not up to your taste doesn’t mean there isn’t potential to make this your dream home. Gradually, you can change things like the flooring and colour scheme – if these are only minor alterations, then the property is definitely worth considering.

One way of ensuring the property is designed to match your preferences is by going with a new-build home. New build homes provide you with a blank canvas to add your own personal touch, and often come with brand-new appliances. In some instances, where the property has not been fully built yet, you can even ask the developers toadd specific details for you, from the type of flooring to the colour of the walls.

It’s also useful to see if you are able to develop the property, such as via extensions or renovations. For example, if you plan on growing your family, you may want to increase the number of bedrooms or open up your living space. Have a look and see whether the current owners have been refused planning permission in the past as this can determine what will be allowed.

Area is key

Whilst you can change the appearance of the property, you can’t do much about the location once you’re settled. That is why finding a suitable area to call home is one of the most important considerations to be had.Those with younger children should assess whether a property is within the catchment area of a good school. You’ll want the school to be relatively close so that you can walk with your kids or drive them to school each day with ease.If you don’t anticipate working remotely, you should also think about your commute to work, and if this will be relatively straightforward. Settling into a new area can take a while and you won’t want to spend an hour stuck in traffic each evening.

Stick to your budget

Managing to get pre-approved for your mortgage before looking for a property will make you look attractive to sellers, and this will give you a rough estimate as to what your budget is. Being aware of what you can afford is useful before you waste your time and set your sights on something too expensive.

Enlist the help of a professional

It’s always a good idea to contact a professional who can carry out a survey of the home. This way, they can identify any hidden defects that you may have initially missed. Finding issues later on, such as wet rod or mould, can lead to costly repair work – which might not be within your budget.

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