How to Find Your Own Unique Interior Design Style

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As a first-time homeowner, trying to design your home to the standard and look that you desire can be difficult. As humans, we are an indecisive bunch when it comes to food, never mind having to design and plan what we want our home to look like for the next 20 or 20 years. The best thing that you can do is try and find your own personal brand of design and have a look around at what you look and what you can copy but place a personal spin on. Read on to find out how to find your own unique interior design style.

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Don’t Rush

The first piece of advice that we want everybody to listen to is that you should never rush into the design of your home. If you rush, then you are more than likely to make a decision that you will not be happy with when a few months down the line. You should aim to live in your new home for a few weeks and really get a feel for what is missing in your home and allow you to analyze where things can be placed. Consult a professional house refurbishment company, like houseUP, to have a better understanding of your space.

Take Cues From your Home

Always take inspiration from your home and work with what it has to offer you. For example, if you are staying in a Victorian townhouse, you should look at a décor that compliments this style of building. An oak-made chest of drawers or old living room furniture would suit this style of home, and you could even find such products in cheap furniture stores at discount prices if this is what you were going for.

Gather a Wide Range of Inspiration

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Walking along the streets, your friends’ houses, and even on social media platforms. One big social media platform that is used by people when they are designing their homes is Pinterest. Pinterest is an image-focused platform that uses minimal written content within it. It is simply everyday people uploading their aesthetically pleasing photos to showcase to the world what they have to offer. This includes homeowners that have decorated their homes in a unique way that you could use for inspiration in your own home.

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Define the Colors you Love

When choosing the way in which your home is designed, you should always analyze what color scheme you are going with. Are you going vibrant with brights? How will this look with your current furniture? Or are you going to go with a nice simple light gray and enhance the modern look? Do you have the curtains and other materials to go with this to avoid a color clash? Your color scheme should always look to match the personality that you present to everyone.

Go with your Gut

Once you have sorted out all of the materials and design ideas to start decorating your house in the way you want to, don’t back down. Always trust your gut as you initially had an image in mind and this will more than likely become a reality if you stick with your gut. Even if you are unsure during the decorating stage, go through with it and judge it on the final viewing.

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