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How To Get Your Bathroom To Look Expensive

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You don’t need a massive budget to create a more expensive bathroom, provided you know all the right tips, which I have put together for you. Even if you only have space for a shower: opt for an elegant looking, luxury shower cabin or a level access shower.

How To Get Your Bathroom To Look Expensive

The Lighting

Changing your bathroom lighting is a quick and easy way to transform the space into a high-end room. Think about how lighting is usually used in bathrooms UK citizens go for and then rethink it! Rather than a traditional light bar over the mirror, consider elegant sconces on either side of the mirror, or if there’s space, trendy pendants. Then, pair your lighting with new vanity mirrors along with new bathroom hardware for a stunning bathroom makeover. Together with the lighting, make sure that you get a fantastic looking designer radiator, as the right temperature of the bathroom is just as important as the ritht lighting.

Photo by Jose Soriano on Unsplash

Photo by Jose Soriano on Unsplash

White Is Simply Elegant

White countertops and cabinets create the perfect backdrop for a more expensive-looking bathroom. Opt for a light and neutral paint colour along with white bath linens to create a hotel-style bathroom. You can also achieve a more expensive looking bathroom by splurging on white rugs and towels. Then, pair your white towels and rugs with neutral accessories.

Grey Is Very In

After decades of wood-toned and white bathrooms, grey has become the ultimate luxurious colour to add to your bathroom design. It’s soothing and it’s incredibly easy to match. Warmer greys can keep your bathroom looking warm and it’s the perfect complement to wood vanities or trims in your space. Pair grey with brushed silver fixtures and use lighting and other accessories to complete this high-end look.

Monochromatic Bathrooms

If you’re trying to create a soothing bath retreat, think along the lines of a luxurious spa. That means simple colours and materials with relaxing qualities. You can achieve this with a monochromatic colour scheme, complete with a pretty blue in different shades for complete relaxation. Creating this look is really easy, too. Start with a soothing base colour and then add darker and lighter shades of it, layering them for gorgeous depth.

Bring The Outdoors Into Your Bathroom

Many expensive bathrooms like to bring the outdoors in to a point. For your bathroom makeover, consider new window treatments that allow more light to filter in. Artwork and plants are also a great way to achieve this look.

Add Painted Furniture For A Custom Look

Sometimes all you need to make your bathroom more expensive is a coat of paint. If you’re handy, check out the DIY tutorials online and then turn an old chest or dresser into a custom vanity. Alternatively, just use a coat or two of paint on your current vanity. Remember to pick a colour for the vanity that you can repeat around the bathroom in accessories and linens. Again, greys work very well for a high-end look.

Sometimes It’s Okay To Ditch The White

If you love the more enchanting look of darker floors and walls, don’t spoil the mood with white moulding and trim. Darker wall colours can be elegant and opulent without the white trim. In fact, consider pairing darker colours with charcoal greys, navy or dark browns and then add mid-toned neutral trim shades. A bathroom makeover with darker colours needs the right lighting, so make sure you experiment with different bulbs and fixtures when you sample paint colours.

Use these tips to create your custom expensive bathroom!

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