How To Give Your Home A Style Refresh With New Curtains

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One of the easiest and most stylish way to refresh a rooms is to get new curtains. Especially when the season changes like now, at the beginning of autumn, it’s a great way to give your rooms a refreshed look. Curtains will make the room  – every interior designer will agree on this, they are a statement piece which are also a necessity. Here’s some great tips how not to feel overwhelmed with the choices and what to look for when buying new curtains.

How To Give Your Home A Style Refresh With New Curtains

Think about colour and texture

When you have a neutral wall colour, try to pick a bold coloured curtain. But if you have a vibrant coloured wall – maybe go for a neutral colour when you pick the curtain. Mustards, greys and dark reds are very trendy – and you can keep them for a few years to com as the interior trends are not tend to change in every year. Linen look has been one of the top choices lately: they look elegant but simple at the same time.

Think about style

Do you like traditional interior or rather a minimalist one? Do you like mixing lots of styles and prefer some eclectic chic? Think about what is it you’re trying to achieve with the change: adding a new item to complete a look or do you want to change the look of the room?

Think about fitting

Pencil pleat curtains are are the best choice for perfectly fitting any window and pole size, as you can simply adjust the tops for fitting and the job is mainly done. You won’t need any handyman or fitting service which also saves some money for you. So if you are looking for some nice pencil pleat curtains, you can find on Yorkshire Linen’s website They are also a timeless classic. They always look neatly arranged, because of the close pleats of the header, which makes the fabric tumbling beautifully to the floor. Add blackout curtains to them as a finishing touch. You can get them with either a pole or a track. Looking after them is very easy: some of them are machine washable and it’s possible to iron them on the reverse and some of them can be easily dry cleaned.

Think about the extras

Curtains not only decorative elements but they can serve some other important purposes. They can make the room not only look warmer but feel warmer – or cooler. Choose thermal efficient, energy saving, room darkening and noise reducing curtains 

Think about your budget

Nice, good quality curtains don’t have to cost the Earth. But if you set your mind on something you like, shop around and try to find it cheaper. Often if you buy more products together you’ll get a bit of a discount.

Think about the matching products

Getting cushions or sofa throws matching with your new curtains is always a good idea. Explore the whole range of the chosen curtain and maybe add a few other things as well. Small pieces can make such a huge difference in style!


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