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How To Go About Designing Practical Rooms

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
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Style and comfort, two words that jump out at you when you want to describe the top attributes you want from your home. Although the style has become incredibly important over the past decades, the utilitarian design has ruled supreme for the past 10 years or so. It’s had a profound effect on the way we look at our homes. We no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort. We no longer have to sacrifice either to make our homes more practical. We the tools, knowledge and professional options we have today, you can design your rooms to be more practical. You just need to take into consideration all three and put them in different orders, depending on the room you’re trying to design.

A comfortable study

Don’t get an office and a study mixed up. The at-home office is very practical but it’s designed to be just for one person. It’s where you can sit in an executive chair, have enough space for multiple screens and papers. A study room is for multiple people, giving them enough desk space and room to themselves, without overcrowding each other. A study is more relaxed than an office, so you can have bean bag chairs on the floor, personal LED reading lamps and low standing coffee tables. Consider placing a storage cabinet in the room, so you can house books and other items such as a globe ornament, maps of countries and a WiFi router. A winged reading chair would be delightful for those that want to sit back and place their laptop on their lap or just read a novel by themselves. Other family members can be at the desks but not in each other’s way. Making sure that all wiring is kept neatly in place to the technology it powers, is something to incorporate into the design of the decor. 

A separate place to clean

So many modern homes have a kitchen and a laundry area mixed into one. On the one hand, it saves a lot of room, but it can so easily create a stampede in one zone of the home if you have a large family. It’s far better to keep these two seperate and design a room with the help of professionals. They provide Laundry Renovations services so you can convert an entire room into a seperate cleaning area, where you can fit your washing machines and dryers independently. It will also give your family more room to collect their clothes when they’re done, so at least 3 people can be in the room at the same time, doing different tasks. They will sit down with you to select flooring materials. They have industry knowledge of what the best appliances are. Utilizing their design team, you also get smart storage space options so there’s more room to be used. And finally, what kind of style would you like the room to be? Although the theme for a laundry room isn’t that important, you will want a style that fits with the rest of your home.

The study room is one of the more design-complex rooms in the home; more so than an office. However a laundry room is something that is almost a lost art, so designing it from the ground up is usually the only option. 

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