How To Go Green As A New Mum

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If you’re already doing your bit to save the world, you will be well used to making sustainable changes at home and in your lifestyle. This is great news, especially for your children, as you will be doing much to make the world a much safer place for them.

If you’re a new mum, there are all kinds of ways to go green, and we have listed some of them here. So, focus on the following while carrying out the other things you do to remain eco-friendly, and give your newborn a better world to live in.

How To Go Green As A New Mum

#1: Help your baby sleep better with an eco-friendly bed

When buying a bed for your baby, choose something that is made from sustainable woods. These eco-friendly cots will help your baby sleep well and will give you the opportunity to support the environment, so use them as inspiration for your buying choices.

You will need a mattress for your baby’s bed, of course, so choose something made from materials that are both safe for your baby and for the environment. You will understandably look for something organic, but care needs to be taken, as not every mattress is made from 100% organic materials, despite the labelling. This guide on buying an organic crib mattress should tell you much of what you need to know, so have a read before buying something. 

And finally, when buying blankets and sheets for your baby’s bed, choose those that are made from organic cotton. Natural Baby Shower sells a range of bedding products, each one crafted with sustainability in mind, so keep them in mind when shopping around. 

#2: Sweeten the air with reusable nappies

Not only will your child’s dirty nappies cause a bit of a stink at home, but they might also release noxious gases if thrown on your local landfill. The majority of nappies are not recyclable, so they tend to get thrown out with the household waste. However, reusable nappies are often made from biodegradable materials, so you will have the opportunity to both save money and save the planet when going for these eco-friendly alternatives. 

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#3: Make your own baby food

Not only will making your own baby food work out cheaper, but you will reduce the plastic waste that comes from store-bought items too. Of course, you might roll your eyes at the idea if you’re busy enough, as the last thing you need is one more chore to add to your list of things to do. However, if you batch cook a lot of baby meals, you will be able to store them in your freezer, so you won’t have to prepare something from scratch every time your baby needs a feed. Homemade baby food should be a lot healthier too, as you will have more control over the ingredients you use. So, check out these baby food recipes, and whip up a storm the next time you’re in the kitchen. 

#4: Don’t be ashamed of hand-me-downs

Unless you’re entering your baby into a fashion show, you won’t need to buy him or her the latest in trending baby clothes. Instead, speak to any parents you already know, and if they have outfits that their kids have outgrown, consider them for your own child. You might also do this for yourself, as if they have maternity clothes they no longer need, you might want to take them off their hands. Increasing the life of existing clothes is always the greener way to go, and you will save money in the process too. 

Consider the same for your child’s toys. While you can buy items that are made from sustainable materials, there is nothing wrong with stopping your friends from throwing out any plastic toys, especially if they’re in good condition. 

Continue to choose the greener option when your child outgrows their clothes and toys. Donate them to charity or give them away to any of your parenting friends. 

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#5: Use green cleaning products for your child’s spills

With a baby in the house, you can expect a lot of spills. From food and drink spills to those that are less than fragrant, you will be very busy indeed cleaning up after your little one. But rather than buy chemical cleaning products from your store, which are both bad for your baby and for the environment, choose something that is greener instead. You might find eco-friendly brands on the supermarket shopping shelf, so buy them if so. Alternatively, make your own cleaning products using natural items, as this is also one way to save money on your shopping bill

Save the world, save money, and protect the needs of your baby! Follow our green suggestions, and you will experience multiple benefits!

Take care, and thanks for reading this post on how to go green as a new mum.

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