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How To Help A Loved One Deal With Mobility Problems

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Mobility problems can seem very particular to the individual experiencing them. Furthermore, you can often feel like there’s little you can say or do that might help them. It can be enormously challenging, especially if a friend or family member is suffering and you feel powerless.

Moreover, it’s important to recognise your own needs too. After all, families of disabled people have come forward and stated that the cost of living crisis began long ago for them.

As long as you’re willing to be empathetic and proactive, you can employ plenty of measures here that may benefit your loved one. You’re not helpless, and neither are they! Here are some suggestions to help you help a loved one deal with mobility problems.

wheelchair mum

Secure Funding

Money can be a big issue when one faces mobility problems. Help may be needed to cover many costs. These expenses could be home adjustments or even salaries, depending on the extent of the ailment.

Research all the help that’s available here. Encourage your loved one to apply for local authority support, state benefits, and other legal entitlements they might be eligible for. If there’s been little luck, try not to worry. They can then approach charities for life-changing grants to make their situation more manageable.

It’s important to be hopeful when faced with mobility issues. As cynical as it might sound, much optimism comes down to money during tough times. Counsel your loved one through the process, provide support, and try to be a soundboard for any of their concerns. If you’re comfortable doing so, you could also consider lending or giving them some money to benefit their living situation.

Improve Home Safety

Minor inconveniences for a non-disabled person can be insurmountable challenges for someone disabled. Therefore, you must look at their home space through a different lens.

For example, even minor trip hazards can make life difficult for those with mobility problems. Quickly clearing floor space can help. Improving lighting capabilities, straightening or removing rugs, and installing medical alert systems and intercoms could also mitigate the chances of accidents and injuries.

Mobility issues might mean that your loved one struggles to leave their bedroom. In these instances, a pressure relieving mattress can greatly impact their well-being. There are static and airflow options, and prevent the user from feeling any pressure point stress or developing bed sores. Optimum comfort is assured.

Provide Company

Many people with mobility problems crave a regular lifestyle. Something as simple as being social can help to fulfil that desire.

Unfortunately, suffering from disabilities commonly leads to loneliness too. Consequently, one of the best things you can do for your loved one is to simply be present and provide company. Call ahead and ask to spend time with them. Invite them to fun outings that they can partake in. Making an effort to make them feel included and valued can make a big difference.

It’s worth remembering the virtues of remote communication too. Make sure all your devices are switched on and that notifications are enabled. Establish regular contact this way, especially if you can’t be present in person for a time. Knowing that you’re just a quick call away will likely bring comfort to your loved one.

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