How To Keep Garden Buildings Secure And Reduce The Risk Of Robbery

garden shed

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Having your home robbed is an emotionally devastating and expensive issue that homeowners work hard to prevent.

While your main property is a key focus, you also need to think about any other buildings in your garden and near your home. These might include sheds, garages, lawnmower storage solutions, greenhouses and any other garden buildings.

With statistics showing that 1 in 10 UK gardens are broken into, and with garden buildings being the main target, it’s clear that homeowners need to secure their sheds and garages.

After all, many sheds and garden buildings contain valuable items, including lawnmowers, tools, bikes and more.

That makes them a target for thieves, so you need to make sure that you don’t overlook your shed’s security.

If you want to make your garden buildings more secure and reduce your risk of being robbed, then here are some practical tips.

garden shed

Install High-Quality Locks

Many homeowners understand the importance of having the right locks on the doors and windows of their main property. However, they often overlook their outbuildings. Sheds and garages still need robust locks on their entrance points to ensure that anything valuable inside is safe. Strong window and door locks can act as a visual deterrent and reduce the chances of a potential burglar getting into your garden building. A local locksmith like Adlocks Locksmiths who operate in areas such as Maldon can help you to choose and install the right locks to keep your garden buildings secure.

Keep Valuable Items Out Of Sight

When it comes to garden buildings such as sheds and greenhouses that have large windows, many homeowners forget the basics of security and don’t keep their valuables hidden. Having valuable items such as bikes and tools on show means that your outbuilding is more likely to be a target for thieves. That’s particularly true if your garden is near to a main road or area where individuals can easily see into it. So, you should make sure that you cover all high-value items with a tarpaulin or that you store them in a part of the garden building where they can’t easily be seen. This approach will mean that any passing opportunist thieves are less likely to be tempted to rob your outbuilding.

Add A Security System

If you store very expensive items in your shed, such as power tools that you use for your job, or a high-value bike, then it could be worth adding a security system to your garden building. This could be an alarm system, CCTV or a simple security light that turns on when it detects motion near your garden building. The type of security system you choose will depend on what you keep in the property and how valuable it is. Explore a selection of the best shed security systems and alarms on the market currently to find one that will fit your budget and meet your needs.

Securing your garden buildings can help you to feel more secure and reduce your chances of having your precious and valuable items stolen. These tips are a great starting point, so use them to get inspiration and ideas on how to keep your shed and garage safe in 2022 and beyond.

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