How To Keep Safe And Healthy When Working In London


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London is a bustling, metropolitan city that is brimming with diversity. There always seems to be something happening in the city, which is part of the reason many love to visit.

Over the past year, Covid has altered the way we all live and work. Despite changing the way we live, many of those living in the capital are looking for ways to keep healthy and safe as things keep changing.

Whilst things are still uncertain, here are a few ways to remain safe and healthy when working in London during these unprecedented times.


Book A Covid Test

A free NHS Covid test is only applicable for those experiencing symptoms or those advised to take a test. If you want to take a Covid test and neither option applies to you, you will have to book a private Covid test. There are options available to book a private covid test in London.

These are useful if you have recently attended an event where you interacted with numerous people and are due to go to another event. Before you attend the second event, you want to check that you do not have Covid. There is the option for a lateral flow test, however, some events may require you to have had a negative Covid test to attend.

Continue Wearing A Mask

Although restrictions have eased on mask-wearing, there are still new cases being reported daily. Whilst vaccines have helped to reduce the number of people falling seriously ill with Covid, there is still the risk of getting infected. As the Delta variant is easily more transmissible, the smallest droplet containing the virus can, unfortunately, cause an infection.

Properly worn, a mask can help you to prevent the chance of breathing in any airborne droplets from anyone around you. It reduces the chances of you catching the virus. Additionally, it helps you to protect others in the event you are infected without knowing.

On any public transport in London, face coverings are required. When it public spaces, especially indoor areas, that are crowded, continue to wear a mask. Even if you have had both vaccines, wear a mask to help protect both yourself and others.

Get Fresh Air Regularly

It can be easy to stay inside during these unprecedented times. Many have the ideology of if they stay inside then they will avoid the risk of getting infected. Whilst this might be true, it can take a serious toll on a person’s wellbeing, especially if they are also working from home. It can make it difficult to separate home life from work life.

Going outside to get fresh air has its health benefits, which includes improving your wellbeing. It also allows the chance to take a break from your work, so you can separate it from your life. You do not need to go to an area that you know will be busy with people. A walk around your local park, along the streets near where you live or to your local coffee shop to get fresh air will do both your physical and mental health some good.

Continuing to follow guidelines, distancing when possible, and remaining thorough on hygiene and cleaning will help reduce the spread of the virus. It will also help you stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

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