How To Keep Your Fitness Journey Interesting

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This is a collaborative post.

As my prior article stated, there are many means in which to consider your health and wellbeing approach to self-care. Often, this balance comes through careful attendance to great sleep, good exercise, and great nutrition. Once we keep up with that, however, it can be that sometimes, things get a little tiring. None of us can ‘get bored’ of a good night’s sleep of course, so that’s something we don’t have to worry about.

That said, if you’re constantly eating the same foods, no matter how healthy they are, or working out to the exact same constant schedule, then you’re bound to desire a change. This is where we learn that keeping our fitness journey interesting is just as important as disciplining ourselves to follow it in the first place.

After all, when you’re interested, you’re more likely to feel enthusiastic about keeping up with your schedule, and variety can also improve your results. In this post, we’ll discuss how to achieve that kind of variety, and what kind of effect it may have for the better:

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Consider Different Activities

Why not consider a few different activities? My vote goes for tennis, as I’m a keen tennis player. How about you? It might be that this far, you’ve been cycling constantly. Perhaps you’ve made great results with the Peloton program, and have been cycling in a few local races. Perhaps you could take that expertise and join a local rowing club as a starter, learning the skills in which you can apply your sizeable leg strength and endurance towards a different habit, one that puts you in a new environment, and helps you learn and thrive anew. Or maybe it’s time to try a dumbbells weight set? From basic weight loss to fitness training HIIT, they help to get your whole body sculpted.

Try Team Sports

If you’re getting a little tired of just working out alone all the time, why not try a team sport? You may find real potential in trying out tennis, badminton, rugby, soccer (football), or something that remains a solo sport/discipline while also interfacing with other people regularly, like a martial arts class. Team sports can help you feel challenged among others, but also learn alongside them, and contribute to one another’s development. It’s a great way to actualize the lessons you hope to learn, and feel confident in getting out there, making friends, and even bringing home some memories after your training session.

Consider Professional Potential

You may find that taking the time to learn more about your potential professional prospects could help inspire a whole new approach to fitness. For instance, learning how to train powerlifters, or to become a personal trainer, or even to gain a qualification necessary to running an appropriate yoga class could be a big boon to your overall inspiration, while helping people along the way. This may even turn a side hustle into a professional career, depending on how involved you get into it. Perhaps your intimacy with team sports can, over time, lead you to coaching a hobbyist team. If you’re truly thinking of taking the next step, this can be a fantastic effort to consider.

With this advice, we hope you can consistently keep your fitness journey interesting, and perhaps even more fruitful than it already was.

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