How to Make Money From Home

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Now that you’ve had a taste of what’s like working from home during the lockdown, you feel like it’s something you could get used to. I feel you. Maybe you’ve never tried the whole working from home experience, and you’d like to make some extra money from the comfort of your home. Either way, today I’m going to share some ways to earn money remotely.

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Sell the things you make

Turn your hobbies into a money-making business. You might be into making colourful pottery, maybe you’re into creating unique terrariums… whatever your passion is, why not make money from it? Start by selling it on marketplaces online and see what people think about your creations. Then, once you have solid products and a brand, it’s time to create your own website.

Website designers Ad Lab recommend creating your own website to have complete freedom over your brand and flexibility on how to market your brand and products. As Google Partners, Ad Lab advises making the most out of Google Ads, including Google Shopping and text-based ads to increase brand awareness and generate more sales.

Start a blog and monetise it

Do you feel like sharing the things you do with the world? Do you want to start talking about your experiences with others? As Toby Goes Bananas says, “Starting a blog will not only give your own little corner of the internet but will also give you a chance to make passive income from something you enjoy doing.” Once you build an audience, you can start monetising your blog.

This includes partnering up with brands, affiliate marketing, display ads and much more. If you are curious about ways to make money from blogging, Welsh Mum recently shared a lovely blog post about it, where she talks about selling the blogging skills you’ve acquired to others that might need them and getting in touch with brands to make sponsored content.

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Declutter and sell

Do you have too many clothes in your wardrobe? Is it time to declutter the things you have stored in the attic? Go through your belongings, declutter what you don’t use and sell them! If something is just sitting on your shelf and you haven’t used it in years, why not sell it?

Rent your extra room

Simple Parenting recommends renting your extra space to make some money. “Do you have a spare room, some camping space or have just renovated your annexe? Why not rent it?” If you have an extra bedroom, why not put it up on Airbnb or similar websites and start renting it? You can rent your extra space whilst on holiday to pay for your time away – wouldn’t that be nice?

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