How to Make Sure Your Kid Gets the Right Amount of Vitamins Daily

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You sure want what’s best for your kids, same as each parent out there. You’re making sure that they have healthy meals most of the time, you have a blender for healthy smoothies, and you make sure to give them plenty of natural juices instead of sugary drinks. Sometimes you treat them with a burger and coke, paired with fries, but that is completely okay to allow it sometimes as long as their diet is versatile and well-planned. 

But, how can you be sure that the kids are getting enough of all the essential vitamins daily? Vitamins are important to prevent diseases and they give plenty of energy, especially to kids that are still developing. Luckily, nowadays we have quality food supplements that help a parent make sure their kid is getting the right dose of vitamins needed daily. Additionally, to avoid the struggle of getting them to swallow a pill or avoid forgetting to give them their daily dose, it’s best to opt for vitamin patches. This modern alternative allows the skin to absorb the needed vitamins making it easy to use and even fun for children. In addition, it is a smart choice that prevents digestion problems as kids are sensitive to digesting supplements that may lead to stomach cramps. Simply put a patch on their skin, and let them do their magic.

Well, supplements are the modern day solution. However, this does not mean a parent should only care to give quality supplements to their children. So in this article, we are sharing several tips on how to make sure your kid is getting the needed nutrients for optimal health and proper body and mind development.

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How to make sure your kid gets enough vitamins daily?

In the following, we’ll talk about some very important things related to your kids’ diet and vitamin intake. We’ll mention the importance of vitamins, as well as the importance of a healthy balanced diet. 

Healthy diet

Kids should have a well-balanced, diverse diet. We should teach them about the importance of healthy food, ever since they are little. If we start mentioning healthy, strong, and big when talking about food, they will grow into loving it. If they don’t like a certain type of food, try explaining to them why it is good and delicious, and never agree with the statement that healthy food is gross! Instead, try offering something equally as healthy to them and after a while, go back to the ‘gross’ food. 

If they are incredibly stubborn, try mixing the healthy ingredients into a sauce that they can dip into or serve it with pasta. It is far less likely for them to spend the whole dinner picking out the thing they don’t like from the plate. Blending it works just as well because they’ll be getting the nutrients, without even knowing what they are eating. 

After a certain age, they’ll suddenly start liking the food you’re offering, and they won’t be as picky as before. That’ll be one less thing for you to worry about. You can still stick to the blended and mixed alternatives, but at this point, feel free to serve the food they disliked separately from the rest. They’ll be more than happy to have it!

Fruits and veggies

You rarely hear about kids disliking fruits, but vegetables are a whole different topic! Take broccoli for example. Have you ever met a kid that likes to eat them as they are? We don’t think so. Well, luckily for you, there are plenty of other ways to serve veggies and fruits to your kid, to make sure it’s getting all the important nutrients and vitamins from them. Again, start with explaining the importance of healthy fresh fruit and vegetables to them, and if that doesn’t work out the way you want it to, try the blending and mixing thing again! 

Another way to serve those kinds of food is by chopping them, making interesting shapes with them, and serving them with different delicious dips. For fruits, you can get whipped cream, and for the veggies some delicious, irresistible dip. A great tip for the veggies– try chopping them up and mixing them into meatballs or make veggie patties and fry them.

child strawberries

Consider vitamin supplements 

Not all vitamins can be taken in adequate amounts daily. Good for us is that our body has a secret stash of them, for cases where we’re not getting enough. But, we should refill those stashes once in a while, just so that we prevent deficiencies. In well-developed countries, deficiencies are less likely to occur, but still, it’s not impossible. 

If it happens, you’ll see certain symptoms, and at this point, it’s best to consult with a paediatrician. Don’t worry, it won’t be anything serious as long as you take the needed measures on time. Afterward, you should watch out for them happening again. 

That’s why supplements are really important and they come in handy in situations like these. You can buy them from the nearest drug store and give them to your child daily. Like we’ve said, pills can be hard to swallow, especially for little kids, but luckily there are alternatives, such as pills that can be licked or patches for vitamins to be absorbed through the skin. Either way works fine, as long as your kid gets everything it needs.

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