How to Make the Most of Summer 2022

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Are you busy planning how you’ll spend your summer? With the majority of COVID-19 restrictions eased in the UK, Europe and beyond, you won’t want to waste your first proper summer in two years. Unfortunately, deciding what to do is half the battle.

You might be feeling overwhelmed by choice or swayed by what your friends are up to. Or perhaps you’re lacking inspiration, worried you won’t get chances to create long-lasting memories. 

Whatever the case, we’ve outlined five ideas below to help you have fun all summer long!

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Try a new hobby

It’s natural to lean into your introverted tendencies when it’s dark, wet and cold outside. But with the nights growing longer and warmer, now’s the time to get out there and try something new.

You could join a running club, for example, or take up a team sport in your local area. Alternatively, you might want to try your hand at photographing sunsets – or even just reading in the sun! 

Go on a road trip

Is it time you hit the road and discovered what the UK has to offer? From the Scottish Highlands to the Peak District in Yorkshire and Snowdonia in Wales, you’re spoilt for choice. Going with friends will help you bond along the way, as well as allowing you to share the driving!

Make sure you take a spacious car to get everyone in comfortably, and pack plenty of snacks for the ride.

Discover nature

Alternatively, perhaps this is the summer you become at one with nature? The mental health charity Mind advises that spending time in or around nature can benefit your mental and physical wellbeing.

You could try growing food or flowers, discover hiking trails nearby or take up wild swimming. Whatever your preference, developing an appreciation for nature will help motivate you to fight climate change too!    

Experience a festival

Summer is festival season, and many people will pack several events into their summer schedules. You don’t have to go straight in at the deep end with five days camping at Glastonbury though!

From art to food and literature, there’s usually a raft of single and multi-day events scheduled in cities and towns during the summer.   

Get outside!

Lastly, make sure you go outside! Getting daylight is important for feeling energetic in the day and sleepy at night. Whether that means enjoying holidays and days out this summer, or simply taking walks on your lunch breaks, don’t let your best opportunity slip!

If your summer plans are looking thin on the ground, incorporate some of the ideas above to make it count. 

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