How to Maximise the Space In Your Home


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If you are living in a home that is simply not large enough any more, and relocation might be out of the question, you will need to find a way to make the most out of the house you have available. There are plenty of great ways of improving your living environment and creating more space without moving or getting an extension. Find some of them below.


Let Light In

If your kitchen or landing looks dark and you often feel trapped in, you will need to let the light in to improve the optics. You can get a lighting window for your landing, or use glass bricks to allow natural sunshine to illuminate your space. While the house will not be larger, it will certainly look bigger and more cheerful.

Open Plan

Living in one of the older homes built before or after the second world war will mean that you will have a small kitchen, maybe a utility room, and a living room or an extra reception room. If you are living in the North West, you might get lucky to get a home on a corner plot that allows you to extend. However, if this is not an option, you will need to open up the rooms and break down the walls. An open plan kitchen-diner and a reception room that opens into another will give you more space instantly.

Connect with Your Outdoor Space

Opening up your home to the light and fresh air by changing your windows or replacing them with French doors will give you more space. Consider opening up your living room to the garden in the summer by creating a sheltered patio that will be a natural extension of your house. You will be able to fit in more guests when you are holding a house party and make your home appear more spacious.


Green Conservatory

You can also create space without an expensive extension by adding a green conservatory to your home. You should consider using sustainable materials for building your extra room. Today’s plastic designs are hard to recycle, therefore, either try to buy used or find a contractor that is using wood and glass that can be removed. You can install solar panels in the room or extract the heat from the conservatory to the rest of the house to save money and improve your home’s carbon footprint.

Choose the Right Furniture

Choosing the right size and style of furniture is also crucial. You can get storage pouffe or ottoman beds, and – if your bedroom is not large enough  – you can take advantage of wooden space saving beds for small rooms, so you can still fit in a desk and a wardrobe or chest of drawers and make the space liveable.

To make the most out of your existing home, you will need to come up with ideas to maximise your space and utilise natural light flowing through your space without having to spend a fortune on extensions.


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