How To Nail These 9 Necklines


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The neckline of a top or a dress is an important feature to consider. Certain necklines may look more flattering on certain types of body types or may look better when paired with certain types of clothing. This post explains exactly how to pull off different styles of neckline.

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The turtleneck

Turtlenecks cover the neck to provide warmth and are a common neckline for sweaters. If you have a long and slender neck, they can be great for accentuating this part of your body. Turtlenecks reveal the least amount of skin of any neckline, but can actually draw more attention to your bust than other necklines – which is something to bear in mind if you’re trying to avert attention from your breasts. When wearing necklaces with a turtleneck, choose long necklaces for contrast. 

The crew neck

Crew necklines are the most common neckline found on t-shirts and sweaters. These round necklines sit around the base of the neck in a circular shape. Many people find them less restrictive than a turtleneck while still conversative enough for most situations. When it comes to necklaces, choose necklaces that hang just below the collar.

The V-neck

V-necks are another common neckline of t-shirts and many women’s tops, as well as dresses. These necklines can vary quite a bit – some v-necks are high and close to the collar, while others have a low plunging effect (often to reveal a bit of cleavage). Consider contrasting V-necks with circular necklaces. Lariat necklaces can also work well with deeper v-necks. 

The square neck

Square necklines are ideal for when you want to show a bit more skin. If you have narrow shoulders, these necklines may also help your shoulders look broader. You can contrast square necklines with circular choker-style necklaces. When choosing bras, consider demi bras such as balconette bras that won’t poke over this neckline too much – you can buy balconette bras here.

The scoop

The scoop neckline is much like a square neckline, but in a circular shape. A shallow scoop usually won’t reveal any cleavage and is more reserved – these necklines go well with long drooping necklaces. A deeper scoop necklace is typically more revealing – much of the same rules as a square neck apply here such as considering a demi bra and choker necklace.

The sweetheart

The sweetheart necklace is similar to a square or scoop, but incorporates a heart shape. These necklines are designed to naturally follow the shape of your breasts. They’re very good at drawing attention to the chest, while also providing coverage, making them suitable for many occasions.

The spaghetti strap

Spaghetti straps allow you to reveal your neck, top of chest and shoulders, while still offering the support of straps. These are great necklines for the summer when you want to dress more lightly. This neckline also suits pretty much any body type and pairs well with most styles of necklace, making it very versatile. 

The strapless

Getting rid of straps can allow you to show off your entire shoulders and neck (great for catching a tan without having to worry about strap lines). Of course, if you don’t want your bra straps to show, you’ll want to wear a strapless bra too. Strapless necklines don’t offer much support and may not always be suitable if you have large breasts.As with spaghetti straps, you can pair all kinds of necklaces with these necklines. 

The one-shoulder

These necklines are deliberately asymmetrical to provide a sweeping look. They’re suitable for all body types and work with all kinds of necklaces (these necklines can be quite dramatic themselves so you may want to avoid anything too flashy). Nowadays there are all kinds of items of clothing that incorporate the off-the-shoulder neckline from dresses to sweaters. 

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