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How to Naturally Calm Your Dog, Starting Today

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If you recently moved or your dog has undergone another significant change, this event could be unsettling for the animal. You might notice that they are uneasy or other behavioural changes. Many people assume medication is the only answer to calm their stress or anxiety, but there are natural solutions too. Below are examples of natural ways to calm your beloved canine.

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See Your Vet

To start the process, make an appointment with your veterinarian to get to the heart of the issue. The mental or emotional stress may have an underlying issue that’s not readily apparent.

As vets are specialists in the health of dogs, they will have the educational training and experience, as well as the in-office technology to determine what is causing the stress. If there is a significant medical issue at its root, they can formulate a plan with you to improve your dog’s quality of life.


Research has shown that music can decrease anxiety in canines. In 2017, researchers at the University of Glasgow focused on groups of dogs with different music genres playing.

After a week, they changed the type of music. The team conducting the study concluded that soft rock and reggae had the most efficacy, although certain dogs had specific favourites.

Musicians online offer relaxing music specifically for dogs that you can easily find by searching YouTube or Spotify. The next time you want some background music while at home, consider playing soft rock to calm your four-legged friend.


CBD treats and oils are growing in popularity among dog owners who want to calm their furry friend. More people than ever realise that CBD does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound active in marijuana. You can learn more about these products that are tailored to your furry friend by researching Calming Pet Treats Wholesale providers such as SS Nutra online – whether you are a business owner who wants to sell pet supplements or simply a curious consumer, researching how pet supplements are made can put your mind at ease that these products are made with care.

Thus, your pet does not feel “high” when given a dose according to the label. The hemp CBD products at ceebeedoo.com are completely natural. You can give them the snack without worrying about it having any side effects.

Mental Challenges

If your dog is acting out, a natural way to distract them from the stress is to provide activities that stimulate the mind. There are many ways to do so, including teaching them a new trick.

Alternatively, you might take your dog on a sensory walk. This type of activity involves your dog leading you around as they freely sniff out different areas.

If you worry about your canine going off-leash, then keep them on the lead and enjoy where the walk takes you both. Contain the outing to a certain neighbourhood or let them have free reign where they want to go, depending on your comfort level. The smells they come across are likely to excite them!

Calming Your Dog Naturally

All-natural remedies are good for the planet and for your pet, which is why many adults are starting to use them. And of course in this sense, dogs are no different than humans. The list above provides options to explore to help calm your family dog. Which ones the canine prefers will become apparent over time, and you can feel good about taking a gentle, natural approach.

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