How To Plan A Multi-Stop Trip 

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88% of Brits enjoyed a holiday in the year ending July 2019, the highest figure since 2011. But do you prefer to visit one location, or move from place to place?  

Multi-stop trips can offer a greater sense of adventure, allow you to fit in more sights, and often work out cheaper than travelling back and forth. While international travel is on hold for now, if you’re lucky you’ll have extra time to put plans in place for when restrictions are lifted.    

Below are some of the key considerations when planning a multi-stop holiday

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Research destinations 

First is the fun part – choosing where you want to go. Do you want to visit several places within one country, or cover several nations? Use travel blogs, Instagram, and recommendations from family and friends to create your dream itinerary.  

It’s worth checking a map to get an idea of where places are and how you’ll travel between them. Working out a logical route is essential for saving time and money. You’ll also need to think about the time of year, how long you plan to go for, and whether certain areas require visas or other similar paperwork. 

Create a realistic budget 

Next, you’ll need to get real – how far can you sensibly afford to go? Creating a budget will set the parameters of your travels while also guiding your choices of accommodation, activities, and how much you need to save in the meantime.    

There are ways to keep costs down when moving between multiple destinations. Make sure to research train, bus, and flight prices, and consider accommodation with self-catering facilities. Can you borrow items like luggage or portable chargers from family and friends? 

Plan, plan, plan 

Now it’s time to turn your ideas into reality. Things can change of course, but it’s a good idea to have a solid plan in place for all your travel, accommodation, and must-do activities to avoid missing out. Start an organised record of key dates and booking statuses as you go to keep everything on track. 

Booking in advance not only provides peace of mind, but often works out cheaper too. If you know you’ll make the same train journey regularly for example, investing in a book of carnet tickets will save you money and hassle. Look out for early bird tickets for festivals and events, too.  

Are you ready to put your planning skills to the test? Follow the steps above to organise the multi-stop trip of a lifetime.         

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