How to Plan a Rustic Spring Wedding

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Planning a rustic spring wedding? Spring is the perfect time for this type of wedding, as the combination of the improving weather and new spring blooms with the natural, rustic style works very well together. This is also a style of wedding that requires careful thought and wedding planning – keep reading for a few tips that should help you to plan the perfect spring rustic wedding.

Rustic Spring Wedding


Venue Ideas

The wedding venue is always an important decision, particularly if you want to nail the rustic style. You will want to find somewhere peaceful and natural, such as a cosy barn or a woodland glade. In addition to helping you to achieve the rustic style, you should also find that these settings are romantic and the ideal place to tie the knot!

What to Wear

Obviously, clothing also plays a major role in the rustic look and you will want to make sure that your guests have an idea of what to wear. Generally, this is a more relaxed, informal style with flowing, natural looks with floral details and lace. Natural and floral colours also work well with this style. You can finish the look with stud diamond earrings that are small and simple, yet elegant. For the men, tweed is the go-to for a rustic wedding along with more muted colours.


It is hard to go wrong with flowers at a rustic wedding as these are central to the theme. Therefore, more is better when it comes to flowers particularly if there are native or wildflowers available. Flower arches, bouquets, flower crowns and floral buttonholes can all help you to achieve the look and create a natural look for your wedding as well as make your photographs even more beautiful.

Decor Tips

It is often the small details that make the difference when planning a rustic wedding. A few of the best decor tips include using fairy lights, lights in mason jars, dried flowers on the tables and handwritten table numbers and place-makers can all help you to achieve the look. Simple is best when it comes to the rustic style, so try to avoid overdoing it.

Colour Themes

In terms of colour themes, you want to avoid anything that is too bright or colourful. Instead, darker tones, pastel colours and soft shades will all work well and help you to achieve the natural look of a rustic wedding.

Hopefully, this post will be useful and help you to plan the perfect rustic wedding. This is the perfect wedding style for spring and offers a more relaxed, informal feel than a typical wedding. It will require careful planning to create the perfect rustic wedding, though, and these tips will help you to get started.

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