How to Plan an Amazing Trip with the Kids

mum and child travel

Planning a trip can be overwhelming, especially when you are thinking about going on holiday with the kids. With children involved, you have more details to get right in order for the trip to be enjoyable. Of course, you also have to take the needs of your children and the kind of experience you want them to have into consideration.

Worry not because you can still plan an amazing trip with the kids without jumping through hoops. Using the tips and tricks we are about to discuss in this article, planning an amazing trip with the kids will be easy. Let’s have a look, shall we?

It Starts with the Destination

The first challenge to overcome when planning a trip with the kids is finding the right destination to visit. Not all destinations are family-friendly and the ones that are not don’t always meet your (and the children’s) requirements.

Fortunately, you have the internet on your side when it comes to choosing the right destination to visit. You can start by reading travel articles and reviews of the best destinations around the world on sites such as who also have a number of different discount codes. You can even be specific with your search and find travel articles on family-friendly destinations.

Get the Children Involved

With one or two destinations in mind, it is time to get the children involved. Children aren’t the most meticulous travel planners, but that doesn’t mean they can’t contribute to the planning of the trip. In fact, getting the children involved from the start brings a number of benefits.

mum and child travel

For starters, the kids will be more excited about the trip from the beginning, which means getting them ready for the actual trip will be easier. Having them choose the attractions to visit along the way will also make the trip more fun for everyone.

Think About Their Routines

The best way to make your trip with the kids more enjoyable is by making the transition from everyday routines to going on a holiday as seamless as possible. One thing I always do when planning a trip with the kids is taking their usual schedules into consideration.

Rather than denying the children their nap or pushing their bed time, for instance, you can have a much more pleasant time arranging the itinerary around the children’s usual habits or routines. You will have fewer tantrums and issues to deal with along the way.

Leave Gaps in Your Itinerary

When travelling with children, it is best to have an itinerary with a lot of gaps in it. Rather than rushing through several attractions in one day, limit the number of attractions you visit and maintain a more relaxed pace.

Having gaps in your itinerary allows you to be more flexible with how you use your time. When the kids see an interesting place that they want to visit while exploring the destination city, you have the time to go along with their interest and curiosity while still having a lot of fun.

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Leave Nothing to Chance

The last thing you want to do when planning a trip with the children is leaving things to chance. You want to have as many details nailed down and everything about the trip prepared properly. Rather than hoping to book rides or buy tickets to attractions on the spot, pre-plan and pre-book everything.

This allows you to be more relaxed during the actual trip. When you don’t have to worry about securing a rental car or getting tickets to a show, you have more energy to focus on the children and to have plenty of fun with them.


Always take the time to compare prices and deals before finalising your travel plans. Thanks to the special offers and deals you can now find online, you no longer have to spend a fortune just to be able to have a nice vacation with the children.

When choosing accommodation, for example, you can compare hotel deals and other offers, including holiday rentals and villas. The more options you consider, the better decision you can make, and the smoother – and more enjoyable – the trip will be.

Go Over Everything

The last part of the planning process is discussing the finalised travel plans with the children. This is an important step to take for one particular reason: you can gauge their reactions and make changes if necessary.

You’ll be surprised by how useful discussing the travel plans with your children can be, especially when they are already excited about going on holiday. They can suggest better attractions to visit and even provide input on additional things they want to do during the trip.

Careful planning is the key to having a nice vacation with your children. Now that you have these planning tips in mind, preparing for your next big adventure with the children no longer has to be a daunting or difficult task to complete.

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