How to Play Words With Friends on a Desktop/PC?


Word junkies love Words With Friends because of the social aspect of the game, which has enabled them to form true friendships with adversaries online. The game is free, although in-app purchases can be made to access additional features.

About the Game

Even though the game’s objective is similar to other word games, there still are a few differences. It features a more comprehensive lexicon, which features slang. The alphabet tiles and “bingo” have varied point values as well. 

The board has 104 character tiles and 225 spaces. On commencement, each participant is given seven randomly selected tiles and takes turns creating words, refilling their alphabet shelves after every move. 

The goal is to decode consonants and vowels and create words vertically or horizontally on the board. The initial word should encompass the central star on the board, and the following words must interconnect to words that have already been constructed. On the game board, there are bonus tiles that allow you to make high scoring words for Word With Friends game.

Playing the Game on a Desktop/PC

The vast majority of people nowadays play Words With Friends on their smartphones. The mobile application is a fun way to kill time. The application works with both android and iOS. 

However, what if like other games, you wish to play Words With Friends on your desktop or PC? Perhaps, you would like to enjoy the game on a larger display. If that is the case, then keep reading to find out three ways to play Words With Friends on a desktop or a PC.

  • Use Facebook 

Words With Friends was released on Facebook by Zynga in 2011. It was the time when Facebook games were all the hype. While the popularity of most of these games has waned and they have been taken down from the platform, the Facebook variant of Words With Friends continues to exist. 

All you are to do is know what to search for. Try searching for the authorized Words With Friends homepage on Facebook using your device’s search engine, just like you would while using Facebook regularly. Then click on the given link in the description panel. 

This should take you to the Facebook app for the game. If you register your Facebook account with your Words With Friends profile, your game history is instantly transferred and synchronized in the smartphone application. 

This is by far the most simple and effective method of playing Words With Friends on a desktop. This works for Windows PCs, Macs, and even Chromebooks as all you require is a search engine.

What happens if you do not want your Facebook profile to be linked to Words With Friends? You can still play the game on a computer. 

Even though a Windows 10 version of the famous word game was originally accessible on the Microsoft Store, it has already been removed. There still are solutions that allow playing Words With Friends on a PC before you deactivate your account out of anguish.

  • Chromebook

If you would like to enjoy Words With Friends on a desktop, you should seek past Windows and Mac for a new solution. Google Chromebooks are now capable of running Google Android applications. So, if the Chrome Web Store does not have Words With Friends, you could go to the Google Play Store on a Chromebook and get the Android version instead.

  • Use Bluestacks 

Bluestacks is an Android emulator for Windows that allows users to access Android applications on a desktop. It is a website that a lot of gamers appreciate. 

You may install Words With Friends straight from the Bluestacks webpage once you have successfully installed Bluestacks on your PC. To use the Play Store, you must finish your Google sign-in. Bluestacks can also be used to enjoy other Android semantic games.

Wrap Up

There are numerous compelling reasons to play Words With Friends. You do not have to limit yourself to gaming on your phone or tablet anymore! Enjoy Words With Friends on your PC as well. Take note of strategies for winning every round, whether you are on mobile or a computer. It is all about board management.

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