How To Prepare Your Home for Spring

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Spring is a time of reawakening. Leaves on trees grow back, flowers bloom, and the birds begin to chirp. The outdoors are once again warmer, brighter, and ready to explore. It’s also a time to revisit your indoor living spaces, which have served you so well over the colder winter months. With the new season’s ushering, revamping your dwelling can add a fresh feeling to your home and new energy to your life.

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 Do a Deep Clean

Although spring cleaning seems like an obvious concept, there are often portions of the home overlooked. These include gutters which usually trap plenty of winter debris. You can start by cleaning your gutter system and the downspouts to prevent clogging.

Your goal here isn’t just to improve exterior aesthetics. You also want your gutter system functioning properly to prevent water backup damage to parts of your house, such as the roof or siding.   

Inspect your air conditioning system, whose parts may also have accumulated debris over the past few months. Check the equipment’s interior and exterior for any dirt or objects that may limit its efficiency. If you haven’t inspected or serviced your AC in a long time, it may be time to change its air filter.

Also, wash the inside and outside of window panels to give your home a fresh spring look. With warmer weather comes more enjoyable outdoors, so you’ll want to clear any debris off your patios, decks, or other exterior spaces.   

 Give Away Old Clothes

Nothing clutters a bedroom like piles of old clothing. You can quickly lose track of what’s in your closet when there are so many shirts, blouses, pairs of jeans, or other garments that you no longer love wearing. Consider donating them to charity.

There are likely local clothing donation organisations in your area that would be glad to accept used clothes. This option is much better than holding on to old, unused garments until they end up in a landfill, contributing to environmental degradation. Plus, it’s emotionally satisfying when your kindness brings a little extra comfort to someone in need. 

Start by sorting unwanted clothing from sitting piles. Anything you haven’t worn in the past 12 months might be a good candidate for donation. Then move onto drawers and closets, selecting outfits you have no intention of sporting in the foreseeable future. 

Giving away your old clothes provides an opportunity to reorganise and upgrade your wardrobe. It can create space for new fashionable outfits. 

 Replace Your Bedding

Overhauling your bedding makes you feel fresh and improves your posture. Pick up a light blanket to accommodate the warmer weather. Change out your flannel sheets for linens. Lastly, consider a new mattress to get a better night’s sleep and feel better during waking hours. Look for the best online mattress for easy shopping and delivery. 

 Start Lawn Care Early

Your lawn is an extension of your home. To get the most out of the spring season, rake fallen leaves, clear away debris, and prune trees with dead branches. Spring lawn care has plenty of benefits, including:

  • Raking – You may have deep-raked your lawn and removed fallen dry leaves in the fall. Even if you did a great job, you might still need to remove dead grass and other debris lurking under the snow throughout winter. With time, such clutter may form a thatch layer that stifles new growth.   
  • Aeration – Aerate only if necessary because spring isn’t the best time for this exercise. Aeration promotes healthy lawn growth by boosting water and air circulation in the soil.
  • Pruning – Removing dead, dying, and diseased tree limbs can pave the way for new growth. It may also be required to protect your property and passersby from falling branches. While some trim and prune trees to design plants into specific shapes or sizes, others want to promote fruiting and flowering. Generally, the practice is suitable for both yard health and aesthetics.  
  • Overseeding – Spring weather is ideal for lawn growth. If you spot any bare patches, you can apply grass seeds to fill them. Remember to add starter fertilizer and irrigate to accelerate germination. Your newly-buried grass seeds should start sprouting in a few weeks.      

Spring Cleaning

As the warmer weather approaches, put your best foot forward by preparing your home. Start by cleaning up around your HVAC system, which has kept your indoors warm all winter. Revisit your beddings and upgrade your mattress to improve sleep quality. Don’t forget the outdoors—the garden, trees, and other landscaping features that boost your home’s curb appeal.

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