How to Spice Up Your Garden

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You spend a lot of time making your house your home – decorating and accessorising to create a cosy domicile that reflects your personality. The area of your home that is either neglected or left until last is your garden. You have your bedroom and your living room exactly how you want it, but you might find your garden space looking a little uninspired. Here are some tips for how to get a backyard that is sure to impress any house guests.

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Outdoor lighting

The first step is to set up some outdoor lighting. Even in winter when your garden is not being used as much, you will still want plenty of lighting to create a beautiful winter wonderland right outside your backdoor. Check out these LED festoon lights that you can hang anywhere you want to cast a warm, twinkling glow whilst still providing plenty of light to see by.

Add cool planters

The obvious next step in decorating your backyard is to add some planters and funky plant pots. Planters come in all shapes and sizes, you can opt for neutral tones or take a risk on some brightly painted pots to create a sea of colour. Planters can fill up any empty space in your garden and are perfect for when you feel like your backyard is missing a little something.

Add a splash of colour

Green is a peaceful colour but if you want your garden to be more interesting then you need to make the effort to add some colour and give your garden life. You can do this through colourful plant pots or bold garden furniture. If you have a green thumb then try to create some beautiful flowerbeds with your favourite flowers – this adds a bit of natural variation if you would rather stay away from artificial colour and keep the tone a little bit more sophisticated. Painted stones are a cute and quirky way to sneak in some colour, they can be placed randomly or strategically, either way works.


Fill the space with plants

Of course, a major décor item for your garden is flowers and plants. You do not have to be an expert gardener to fill your yard with flowering shrubs and bushes. There are plenty of beautiful, low maintenance options like Wisteria or hardy geraniums that will totally transform a boring, bare garden. When planning your planting consider all the colours you like and research the blooming season as well as the maintenance required for the plants of your choice. Even if you are trying to create a classy and modern outdoor space, lots of variation in flowers enables you to add a splash of colour whilst maintaining the aesthetic.

Focus on the furniture

If you have the space, a full set of outdoor furniture means you can take full advantage of your newly landscaped garden. If you do not have the room for a barbeque and table set, try and find size appropriate garden benches or purchase some outdoor beanbags you can bring out as and when you need them.

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