How to Start Ticking Things off Your Bucket List

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We’re sure that you’re familiar with the concept of a bucket list – a collection of experiences, travels and projects that you want to achieve before a certain time.

For some, it’s over their lifetime. Others opt for before they turn a certain age or before they have children.

Ticking something off your bucket list is always hugely fulfilling but feeling like you’ve missed an opportunity to do so is a tricker thing to handle.

To make sure that you never miss a chance, then, here’s our guide to staying on top of your bucket list.

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Write your bucket list!

It might sound a bit obvious, but it’s harder to keep track of your bucket list if it only lives in your head (rent-free, for that matter) and does not physically exist.

Part of manifesting your bucket list should be to actually create it in a physical form. It might be a page in a journal or a whacking-great collage – whatever works for you.

In turn, the process of actually ticking things off your list as you achieve them will show you the whole journey; it’ll be great to look back on it all.

Find a team-mate or go it alone

It’s your bucket list so you should do it your way. Are you happy travelling and experiencing things on your own?

There are several benefits to that, including the extra flexibility and the power to get up and go whenever opportunity knocks.

However, there is something extra-special when it comes to shared experiences, and some of your best friends will no doubt revel in helping you tick something off your bucket list – a favour which you may also be able to return for them!

Set goals and deadlines

When you’re writing out that list, think about the time by which you want to achieve each specific thing.

Think about what you want from your future in terms of career goals, family ambitions and more – how does each part of that future align with what’s on your bucket list?

Setting deadlines also makes you accountable to your list and will give you the drive to tick off more of it and live to the fullest!

Make it achievable

Think within your means and try to achieve some that are realistic from a logistical and financial perspective. Especially in the early days of having your bucket list written out, getting into the habit of achieving things on it can give you the motivation to keep working through it.

However, you don’t have to limit or confine yourself. Some experiences may be made easier to reach with some financial help, such as a bad credit loan alternative  – just be sure that you take on something that you can afford to repay.

No doubt that it will be well worth it if it gives you memories that last a lifetime and the satisfaction of securing another massive tick on your bucket list.

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