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How To Successfully Advertise A Holiday Home

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Owning a holiday home allows for the chance to make quite a bit of money offering it out at various points of the year. However, owning a holiday home and not having bookings can mean an owner will lose out on a lot of money. Here are some tips to help owners to advertise their holiday homes and secure more bookings.

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Use Reviews As Marketing Tools

One effective way to advertise a holiday home is to use reviews to bring more people in. It would be best to encourage those who stay at the property to give direct feedback and post online reviews. This allows a holiday homeowner to see what changes might be needed to improve the property and allows people to see what the property offers in general.

This means that positive reviews can be used as an effective marketing tool. Holiday homeowners could post reviews on their website or social media to showcase a proud review. They should be looking to improve holiday home reviews by adding little touches to the property to make it special.

Take Accurate High-Quality Photos

Holiday homeowners are unlikely to get many bookings for the holiday home if they don’t show anyone pictures of the property in question. It’s not just enough to have pictures, though. They must ensure that they are taking high-quality photos showing the best of the property. With that said, they will also need to make sure that these pictures are accurate, as the last thing they want to do is deceive their customers and ruin the experience. Not only is this bad for the customer, but it will also affect the reviews and could also reduce the number of people coming to the property in the future.

For this reason, some people choose to hire a professional property photographer. These experts will have the equipment to take high-quality photos and showcase the property the way an owner wants. They will be able to use these photos across many different platforms.

When an owner wants to advertise the photos online through various advertisement platforms, they should ensure the photos are optimised for the site. When looking to upload pictures to a holiday site or create an online brochure, they may need to convert the image format to be more optimised. This will allow someone to change a JPG to a PDF through online tools, and they may be able to merge some files together through other tools that can help save space. Videos also have great success with home rentals. To place a video in your listing along with a photo, you will also need to change a video file type.

Make Use Of Social Media

When a homeowner has sorted out the pictures, they will be able to put them to use. One of the best ways these images can be used is through social media. Many holiday homeowners use social media as a way for them to advertise their homes directly. There is a range of different social media platforms that they could use. For example, they could join Facebook groups designed to share holiday homes in specific areas, or someone could create their own account on Instagram, allowing those who stay to tag their location and the property.

Encouraging guests to tag their location when on their holiday helps to advertise the property to more people, reaching people that a holiday homeowner may not otherwise be able to reach. In truth, they should probably be using multiple social media platforms. As well as that, they should ensure they have access to all of them and keep them all up to date.

Holiday homeowners could use social media to take bookings too. They can have individuals message the account of the property so that they can answer any queries they have almost instantly. There are many benefits to using social media for holiday homeowners, and it will be something that most will use. If someone is working with a hosting site, they may advertise the property on their behalf, particularly if it has the potential to do well.

Use The Right Hosting Sites

On the topic of working with hosting sites, holiday homeowners should ensure they are using the right sites to advertise their holiday homes. Certain sites will suit certain types of property and will specialise in specific holidays. For example, there are sites designed for cottages, and there are sites that specialise in large properties for big events.

There will also be hosting sites that are specific to locations across the UK. This helps smaller local properties advertise to those looking for a holiday in their area. This is useful for advertising purposes, as it means those who see the property are much more likely to be interested, as they were looking at this area anyways.

Of course, it’s worth noting that homeowners aren’t forced to only use one site. In fact, many hosting sites will encourage homeowners to link with others and may even have software that can link bookings between their own site and multiple hosting sites. There is plenty that can be done to advertise a property, so owners should ensure they are doing their research and consider working with experts who can do this on their behalf.

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