How Using a Call-Handling Service Might Benefit Your Small Business

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If you are a small business owner – I am, I jointly own a zero waste shop – you know how much work and juggling things around goes into organising and running a business, pretty much on your own. Often, small business owners try to do all, and I mean, really all of it. Then, of course,  with time, they realise, that it’s impossible to handle everything on your own and some aspects of the business needs to be outsourced. For example accounting, PR and marketing, or call-handling services. The latter is a lesser known factor – so we are going to talk about how using a call-handling service might benefit your small business in this blog post: How Using a Call-Handling Service Might Benefit Your Small Business.

call centre job employee work

What is a call-handling service?

A call answering services will allow you to respond to calls quickly and professionally, which can positively impact client satisfaction and loyalty. The management of inbound and outgoing calls can make the difference between gaining or losing a customer.

The benefits of using a call-handling service

You will never miss a call

When you are a small business owner – you know, that every single call matters. You can’t afford to miss calls. But using a call-handling service will make sure, that during business hours, irrespective of where you happen to be or how busy you are taking care of other tasks – all calls are answered and after hours, callers are greeted with a professional answerphone message tailored to your business, allowing them to leave a voicemail and feel confident that their query will be dealt with.

You provide outstanding customer service

Call-handling service is important part of the overall customer service you can provide to your customers – and the lack of it or poor customer service can cost you a lot, it drives people away. By outsourcing your call-handling with a professional third-party provider, you can ensure, that all callers will receive the best customer service from highly-trained professionals.

You can focus on other tasks

Like I mentioned before, small business owners do all of it – often being a one man band! – and it’s not easy to tackle all business matters on your own. But outsourcing some of them, like your telephone calls can free up head space for you and focus on other aspects of the business that requires your attention and provides you with the possibility to grow your business and make more money even.

You can save money

Technically, it can help you to earn more money. By being able to rely on a professional call-handling service will free up time for you, like I mentioned in the previous point – so you can focus on growing your business and earning more money. All, whilst an important aspect of your customer service is being looked after and bringing in more potential customers.


Call answering services help small businesses succeed by managing incoming calls and offering excellent customer service. Because small businesses frequently have fewer resources and employees, it can be difficult to handle a high volume of calls while providing quality service. By providing 24/7 availability, efficient call routing, and personalised customer care, contact handling services provide a cost-effective option.

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