How Your Yoga Hobby Can Make You Money


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Yoga can be a great career path if you are passionate and experienced. There is a steady demand for instructors, content creators, and trainers in this field.

One of the best ways to ensure you use work opportunities for yoga instructors abroad is to diversify your sources of income. A flexible business model might incorporate both offline and online ways of earning. In collaboration with experts from job aggregator Jooble, we’ve gathered the most prospective options to benefit from yoga.


How Your Yoga Hobby Can Make You Money

Become an Instructor

If you haven’t acquired your instructor certification yet, it is high time to do so. It is the first step toward educating others and helping them in their yoga journey.

There are many job offers in terms of offline yoga classes, for instance:

  • Working at an established studio;
  • Teach private lessons one-on-one;
  • Teach at local colleges;
  • Offer corporate yoga classes;
  • Offer original workshops.

It is also beneficial to become certified in different wellness areas and enrich your portfolio.

Start Your Platform

There is also a massive demand for online yoga classes. One of the ways to do so is to start your personal website.

It can feature a blog with helpful advice and insights. There also can be lessons for different levels of experience. You can offer some of them for free and others for a subscription cost. There are plenty of models for promoting and selling your content online.

One can also add a weekly podcast to diversify the content.

Having a personal website is great not only to establish a brand. But it also allows profiting from affiliate marketing or sponsored posts, for instance.

Join YouTube

One of the efficient ways to get a passive income is to start a YouTube channel. There are plenty of fitness instructors and trainers of all exercises there already. One of the main benefits here is that a video tutorial on yoga can be watched and followed endless times compared to other types of content on YouTube.

You can have both a channel and a personal website. To attract more viewers, you can offer specific free programs or challenges.

Create Products

Another way to earn from your passion is to create and sell original products related to yoga. It can be merchandise if you have a channel and a decent following.

Or you can create a clothing line that answers the community’s demands. To start in this area, one can first work in a yoga clothing store to learn more about the industry and retail.

Run a Retreat

Those interested in wellness practices can work for a retreat to establish their own one later. Retreat doesn’t have to be a long-distance travel opportunity. You can also create local retreat options for your students or followers.

It can be in any quiet place, preferably a nature sight with some planned activities.

Pop-up Yoga Studio

Running a yoga studio can be a dream for many enthusiasts in the industry. However, it is pretty expensive and requires decent investment.

A pop-up-style yoga studio is a good option if you do not have such opportunities yet. And it offers a unique experience every time for clients.

Create Wellness Program

One can also create a variety of original programs, for example, wellness ones. They can be sold online, taught in workshops, or offered for corporate use.

There are also job postings for corporate wellness program managers.

In Summary

Yoga is useful not only for balancing a healthy mind and body. Your yoga hobby can become a full-time career for someone passionate. It allows combining different sources of income and constantly growing as a professional. There is always something new to learn and share.

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