If Your Garden is Full of Shade – Plants These Flowers

flowers garden

It is no secret that all of us hope that our gardens are going to be flooded with sunshine and beautifully illuminated all year round. For some of us this is a reality, however, for others, their gardens are actually jam packed full of shade.

Shade might keep you (and your plants) cool during the summer months, meaning that you can sit out on your Sloane and Sons Garden Benches without getting hot and bothered, however, it isn’t always the ideal growing condition for some of the plants that call your garden their home.

So, does a shady garden mean that you have to resign yourself to a flowerless existence? The answer is most definitely no. In fact, there are plenty of flowers out there that are only too happy to grow in a shady zone.

To help you to create the garden of your dreams, despite your lack of sunshine, we have put together some of the flowers that you need to plant!

flowers garden

Lily of The Valley

Lily of The Valley loves growing in spaces that are hugely shaded, which is good news if your garden is lacking in sunshine. The plant produces tiny white flowers which are not only beautiful and delicate, but they also send out a lovely fragrance during the spring and early summer. You can plant Lily of the Valley in even the shadiest corners of your garden and before long the blooms will brighten up the space.

Alpine Forget-Me-Not

Whilst some shaded areas are damp, there are also those patches of your garden which not only don’t get much sunshine, but also lack in moisture too. You may think that this means that you simply will not be able to plant anything in these zones, however, you are yet to meet the Alpine Forget-Me-Not. This stunning light blue flower will absolutely love this type of condition and will grow quite happily.

Jacobs Ladder

Do you have spots of your garden that spend a fair amount of time in the shade, but also see some sunshine at times too? If you do, then you are going to want to consider a plant such as Jacobs Ladder. These flowers are bell-shaped, purple perennials and are ideal for those gardens which have a stark contrast in their light levels.


Solomon’s Seal

Are you trying to create a border? Are you finding it hard to grow flowers due to the shade? If this is true for you, then you might want to take a look at Solomon’s Seal. Found on a beautiful long stem, these tubular white flowers offer up plenty of colour thanks to the rich green leaves, ideal for a shaded space of your garden.


If you like flowers that are definitely packing in rustic charm, then Lungwort is a great flower to choose. These flowers bloom in early spring and are great for giving ground cover in patches of deep shade. Along with the pink and then blue clusters of flowers that appear, these plants also have hairy, dark green leaves that come with white spots too.


One of the biggest types of flowers out there, it is thought that there are as many as 400 to 500 species of violas out there. These flowers are popular, not only because they love shaded areas, but they are also heart shaped or scalloped-shaped which means that they are have a delicate and beautiful appearance, and thanks to the variety of colours you will be able to achieve a rainbow look without too much hassle.

Tuberous Begonias

Another flower that is known for coming in a variety of shades is the Tuberous Begonias. They come in red, orange, yellow, white, pink and salmon. All of these colours will really brighten up shaded areas, where they really love to grow.

Cowslip Primrose

One of the best things about Cowslip Primrose are their bright colours. Not only do they come in red, which is ideal for any part of your garden. But they also come in a beautiful yellow shade too. Which is going to give your shaded areas a splash of sunshine which will really make it look its best.

So, don’t despair. Why not try out these shade loving flowers in your garden? Not only will they enjoy the conditions, but they will also give your garden that touch of colour and character that you crave. All without having to worry that they are not going to survive.


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