If Your Garden Lacks Colour, You Need To Read This

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Gardens are supposed to be beautiful places we go to experience a curated version of the great outdoors. They’re semi-artistic environments that bring together the best that nature has to offer and celebrate it. 

Sometimes though, your garden can look more like a dreary car park than a wonderland. Everything looks so bland!

If your garden lacks colour and you’d like to change it, check out the following tips. 

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Plant Flowering Trees

When you think of garden flowers, your mind usually rushes in the direction of annuals, like daffodils, that grow from bulbs. But the real secret of a successful flowering garden is trees.

Trees offer several advantages on the colour front. For starters, you don’t need to replant them every year. They bloom regularly, no matter how inconsistent your gardening habits are. 

Second, trees are much larger than the average pot plant and, therefore, physically cover more of your garden with colour. You can use them to create a much larger visual impact. 

Install A Garden Fence

Of course, you don’t have to rely solely on plants to provide your garden with a little extra oomph of colour – a new fence will do the trick. 

Natural wood is an attractive option in itself. But white-painted fences are a classic too. They immediately provide your outdoor spaces with an instant lift. 

Add Artificial Turf

Regular lawns can look grey in the winter and brown in the summer. Artificial turf, on the other hand, never looks washed out. It always retains its vibrant and attractive appearance. 

Be sure to follow an installation guide when you come to lay it in your garden – it is trickier than laying regular. But once it’s down, you’ll never have to worry about having a washed-out lawn ever again. It’ll look great year-round. 

Jet Wash Your Patio

Most patios are made of brightly coloured bricks. Slabs, however, can lose their lustre over time, becoming increasingly dull thanks to weathering and moss infiltration. 

You can push back against this, though, using jet wash. Just hire some equipment and blast all the scum from the stones. It’ll probably take you less than 30 minutes if you have a small patio, but the difference in appearance is remarkable. 

Add Accessories That Emphasise Colour

Certain garden accessories emphasise colour more than others. Lanterns, for instance, are incredible in the evening and give your outdoor living areas a warm glow. Garden decorations, such as colourful watering cans or brightly-coloured pots, can all help elevate the scene. 

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Overhaul Your Flowerbeds

In all likelihood, you probably already have plenty of space for flowers in your garden, you’re just failing to use it correctly. 

Don’t bother trying to bring wilted pansies back from the brink – it’s a losing battle. Instead, dig up your existing beds, turn them over, and start from scratch. 

Start by researching the type of flowers that will grow if you plant them today. When making your decision, think about the kind of climate they would prefer and whether yours is suitable. 

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