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ili Laptop Stand Review and Giveaway

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Advertorial post with gifted item

Since I’m working from home and remotely, using my laptop, I often find myself sitting at the dinner table, typing away (just like at this very moment) and bang! Here comes a middle back or shoulders pain. I don’t have a desk, I often just sit on the couch when working. Mistake. We, who work by a desk most of the time know this all very well. And yes, we are also fully aware that we should stop slouching. Yet, somehow, we keep returning to the wrong posture. It’s super hard to constantly force ourselves to maintain the right posture, isn’t it?

The lovely people behind ili Laptop Stand have sent me a saviour though. Their brand new, innovative and ergonomic laptop stand helps to focus on the work and forget about my posture by simply making me maintain the right sitting position.

ili Laptop Stand Review and Giveaway

How does ili Laptop Stand help

It elevates the laptop so you’ll be practically forced to lift up your head, straighten your back and lower your shoulders. You place your laptop on to the stand and use a wireless keyboard placed on the desk below the stand. Super simple yet brilliant idea!

ili laptop stand

ili laptop stand

It’s sustainable too!

Now, as you know me, there has to be something more to it, doesn’t it? The ili Laptop Stand aims to follow the concept of sustainable development by considering its societal, economic and environmental impact. So, the inventors kept the environmental footprint and wastage to a minimum through good design and by choosing materials with environmental certifications, high recyclability credentials or biodegradable characteristics.

ili laptop stand

ili laptop stand

ili laptop stand


Why I love it

  • well, obviously the sustainability of the product makes a selling point for me
  • it works really effectively – after using it for during my working hours for the last few days, it makes a big difference how my body feels after standing up
  • it’s portable, so I can take it with me anywhere and because it’s compact it takes little space
  • the design! Somehow it manages to perfectly merge technology with aesthetics and the result is so eye catching

ili laptop stand


And now you can win one too! All you have to do is, enter below:

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    1. I suffer from terrible lower back as I have a weak back since pregnancy, I even had to have all my work area specially built to accommodate me being more comfortable whilst at work. I try so much to drill this into my 16 year old son, this stand would be perfect for him using his new laptop whilst studying for A Levels x

  1. I certainly am – for music production and work in general. I need to try more to address this and would love to try the stand

  2. Most definitely, especially using the laptop on one of ikeas stand which just collapses all the time, plastic rubbish

  3. I certainly am as I suffer a lot from it myself. My job is desk based and not only do I get back ache, but also really bad pain in the back of my neck and shoulders.

  4. definitely after working an office job for 10 years with a dodgy chair

  5. I am, however, most of mine was caused by a grown women sitting on reception class chairs at a low level desk.

  6. Definitely, and working in different environments where you don’t even have a desk for your laptop sometimes is even worse!

  7. I’m always sitting with my laptop on my lap on the sofa hunched over. I end up getting off the sofa and walking like I have an invisible zimmer frame.

  8. Yes , sitting at desk for 8 hours Monday to Friday, I’ve defiently learnt the hard way.

  9. Yes! I’ve also noticed that I have a forward head posture as well and I find that makes my back ache more. I’m working hard on trying yoga poses to try and ease my back pain and improve my posture.

  10. Very much so. A osteopath I used to visit had a theory that Laptops were invented by osteopaths, due to the amount of business that they got from the users.

  11. It’s my neck that hurts when I’m stooping over my laptop, puts me off using it.

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