Important Garden Supplies That All Gardeners Should Have At Hand

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Our gardens are a great place for relaxation and de-stressing after a busy day or week at work. They provide us with an area in which we can reconnect with nature and get some fresh air after spending excessive amounts of time indoors staring at screens. If you’re planning to get out into the garden more to tidy the place up and get it looking nice for those summertime gatherings, then you’ll first want to make sure you have all of your essentials ready before you begin. Here are some of the most important things to acquire from a gardening store before you take on your next garden project.

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Gardening Clothing

When you’re spending time outside taking care of your garden, you’ll realise just how many hazards there are. You need to be wary of sharp stones, misplaced tools, and uneven terrain. While you need to keep your wits about you to reduce the chances of getting injured, there are many things that you can wear to help too. Padded gardening trousers for kneeling down will help to stop sharp objects from cutting you, gloves will keep your hands protected when pruning and using certain tools, and strong and sturdy footwear can help to support you and reduce your chances of twisting your ankle or hurting your feet by standing on sharp objects like loose nails or even broken glass.

Markers, Labels, And Signs

When planning your garden, especially when the space is quite large and filled with many different plants and flowers, you’ll want to have a way in which you can differentiate your plants. This will help to remind you which plants are which and allow you to quickly remember what type of care they need. Signs and labels are great to use for writing plant names and basic instructions. You can also get markers to place in the soil as a reminder of where certain seeds are currently planted. This will prevent you from accidentally digging anything up and will also serve as a reminder of where you need to water when things haven’t sprouted yet.

Plant Protection

The UK is notorious for unexpected changes in weather. While it’s generally said to be gloomy and rainy all the time, our hot summers can catch us off guard and go on for much longer than expected. A heatwave will take its toll on your plants, drying them out and even scorching their leaves. To keep them safe when the weather changes, you can use garden netting to provide shade. Little Fields Farm has a range of garden netting to shelter your plants, and they also provide frost protection fleece jackets and tunnels for the colder months too.

Useful Tools

Of course, gardening is not going to be easy without the right tools. It’s very important that you have all of the essential tools such as hand forks, trowels, a watering can, and a hosepipe to grow and maintain your garden. For larger-scale projects, it’s also going to be worthwhile having a fork and shovel for digging, a hoe for dealing with excessive weeds, and a rake to help you till your soil, making it easier to sow seeds. You’re also going to need some secateurs for pruning, or even some loppers and shears for tidying up those larger plants and trees.

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