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Smart Online Shopping Platform For Small Businesses

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For me it is very important to help and promote small businesses. They are vital for local economies and during these turbulent times when you buy from a small business, your purchase – no matter how big or small – means a great deal. Also, you’re helping to boost employment and income in the community as well as helping to increase tax for local governments and create a loyal customer base for businesses.

Selling items on the internet has been booming for years but not necessarily for small producers and manufacturers. For them it’s hard to find their feet in the age of the big selling platforms that are not at all seller-friendly and more often than not small business struggle to get noticed and make money out of it. There are just too much of everything poured into a big bottomless pot. Valuable products get lost amongst the poorly made, bad quality and useless goods.

Best places to sell for small businesses

When you start out selling your products online this could be a little bit of a bumpy ride – learning your way through the best practices, trial and error as they say. However, there are some innovative, smart e-commerce sites that have a new perspective of the whole shopping experience. For example the ones successfully merging social networking with shopping creating a whole new lifestyle online store and a community. Incobis online marketplace uk works like this. Another important thing is to look at the costs using e-commerce sites and how user-friendly are they to handle. When you are after an e-commerce seller central UK – these are important things to look at:

  • the number of products you can have listed
  • can you get the option to create bulk listings
  • is it possible to run promotions 
  • shipping cost and method
  • support service and their availabilitly

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Selling during Covid-19

We can all agree that retail as it is has been changed for ever over the course of the last year. People don’t want to go into actual physical shops and lots of high street retailers went into administration in the past 6 month – but the lockdown was the last blow only: they were already on their way out. People want more than just stuff: they buy less but they are more specific with their needs. And this is where online shopping changes as well: not just stuff to buy but specific lifestyle items that people need. 

The future of shopping

The future of shopping is where you can buy things online, share your interests with your friends, get ongoing news, products recommendations & reviews from your own network. This model harnesses networking benefits of social selling. As a small business you want people to refer your product to their friends and their network – this is much cheaper than spending lots of money on marketing. Given the number of small businesses being set up these day – which is great – successful e-commerce platforms will need to look after their sellers just as much as they look after their customers.

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