Inspired Gifts to Make Memorable Birthdays

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Shopping for a birthday gift can be really stressful – for lots of different reasons. When you’re shopping for a friend or a family member, you need to demonstrate how much you care for that person and how well you know them – an off the peg gift simply won’t do! If you’re shopping for a colleague, a family member you don’t know as well or someone you want to impress: a teacher or your partner’s family perhaps then you have the opposite problem: you don’t know them well at all, but you still need to get a gift they’ll appreciate.

Today we’re taking a look at this problem to help you pick inspired birthday gifts in the future.

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One of the best ways to give a memorable gift that suits the person you’re buying for is to pick a gift that keeps on giving – because it keeps on arriving! A subscription to a service or company that appeals to your giftee is a wonderful way to show them you care, and that’ll understand what will improve their week (month, or year, depending on the frequency of the subscription).

There are lots of different things you can subscribe your friends to, from regular deliveries of coffee, to recyclable and waste-free household goods, to shaving equipment, a beauty box, and accessories! There are even monthly craft subscription boxes UK companies can ship around the world.

Subscriptions are great because they extend your friend’s birthday beyond a single day of gifts and fun, and they might allow you to give a more ambitious, expensive gift by spreading the cost over time.


Even the most desired physical object runs the risk of eventually being relegated to the back of a dusty cupboard, no longer appreciated or useful. If you want to make sure your gifts don’t end up in this unenvied position, there’s a simply solution: don’t give a physical gift at all! Instead gift an experiences – here’s why try experience gift vouchers.

Experiences are a newly popular kind of gift that lets the person you’re buying for build memories that will stand the test of time. The great advantage of this kind of gift is that you have a huge range of choice, so you can feel confident you’re picking something that your friend or partner has long wanted to do.

There are companies that specialise in delivering experience gifts, which makes shopping easier: you can search by price, location and type of experience and purchase a handsome certificate, but you can widen the range of possible gifts by doing your own research, and finding classes, meals, activities and other experiences that are tailored to fit your loved one and giving them a gift they won’t forget.

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