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What are my Supermamas interviews about?

Over the upcoming weeks around Mother’s Day I’m going to run a weekly interview series featuring mums, who have given up their professional life after becoming a parent and decided to do something completely different for living. In these interviews real women are telling me about their journey of becoming a mother how they have changed their way of thinking about work, pursuing dreams and making money.

I came up with this idea when I realised that I’m lucky to know so many wonderful women. I really am surrounded by #supermamas. Most of all: my own mama. She started an evening course at the university and she was reading law when she was pregnant with me. By the time I was in pre-school, she graduated summa cum laude and became a lawyer! And others too: friends, blogging buddies and creative business owners I have met lately. They are juggling it all: looking after the children, having a newly found profession, running a new business and inspiring us. Their stories are a real inspiration to everyone.

I truly believe when a child is born, a mother is born too. And so we change. We grow, learn and become stronger. We should embrace all these changes and use their power to nurture, create and find our passion. So these mums took risks, pushed themselves, overcame self consciousness, challenged themselves again and again until they found their very own path to balance. My Supermamas Interviews are about them.

Supermamas Interview Series: Introducing Kristie from Mamma Prada

Here’s the first #supermamas interview with Kristie from Mamma Prada. Kristie is an English Wife to an Italian Hubby and Mamma to two little ones. She blogs about raising bilingual children & navigating cross-cultural life.

Kristie with her daughter

Can you please introduce yourself?

I’m Kristie and founder of I’m an English Wife to an Italian Husband and Mamma to two bambini! We’re raising our children bilingually and I blog about our journey, I also write about anything Italian such as food, wine, travel and culture.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A policewoman!

What did you do before becoming a mum?

I worked in Communications at a large Bank in Canary Wharf.

Why did leave that job?

Because I didn’t feel the hours suited my life having two children.

What do you do now?

I’m now a stay at home mum and I run the Blog Mammaprada along with its social channels.

What are you passionate about?

I’m really passionate about helping parents who would like to raise their children with a language whether it’s because they have a mixed heritage or because they need help with learning languages at home or school. I also love sharing our experiences of Italy from recipes to festivals and travel inspiration.

Where do you find inspiration?

Well I guess my inspiration for the bilingual content is that my Husband and I are raising bilingual children ourselves! He’s Italian and I’m English. We know how hard it is. How little information there is. And how learning on the job as a mum is often more useful to another parent than hearing from an expert.

Did you learn to say no?

I’m very bad at this. But I have learnt to do it and am getting better. You only have so much time and energy and it’s better not to create unmanageable expectations. Or to waste time doing things that don’t bring you joy.

How did you overcome uncertainties and self doubt?

I tend to take a day off when that happens. Usually it’s when I’m completely worn out by being up all night with ill children and then the days are spent at the doctors or something. You question whether or not it’s actually possible to work around your children. It is even though it’s hard. I need a bit of time out and then I try and focus on the things I’ve achieved, how far I’ve come. My husband is also a brilliant supporter of Mammaprada and usually makes me realise it’s all worthwhile.

Did you have to convince your family about making the leap? Or did they support you from the very beginning?

As I mentioned above my Husband has been amazing. I’m not sure the rest of my family really get the online world or how it’s possible to turn anything blog-like into a business!

What’s your latest project?

I’ve just started a series on raising bilingual children. Every week I write about what we’ve experienced. Which methods have worked for us. What you can incorporate that’s fun. I also interview other mums and share their challenges. It’s not all about languages though. I write regularly about travel in Italy to the lesser known places, aspects of Italian Culture and the crazy things I experience with my Italian family.

Name a thing (or two) you used to give a shit about – but not anymore:

I used to care if other people thought I was successful or not. Now… I don’t have time to think about it!

Fill in with the first word comes to your mind:

I believe in… most people being decent humans.
My super power is… being resilient.
Being ethical means to me… thinking hard about what you consume/buy and what values the company has that provides this to you…
Right now I’m most excited about…. Spending the summer with my children in Italy.
My dream job is… This one!
The most important thing I can teach to my child is…. To be kind and open to everyone.

Thank you for the interview Kristie!

You can find Kristie:


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  1. I love Kristie’s blog and her Insta feed is gorgeous. I think the idea behind her blog is so fab and love reading about her journey with her family. Lovely interview! Great to get to know more behind the scenes info about Mammaprada x

  2. It’s always so interesting to find out people’s back stories, their grass roots compared to where they are now. I think if gives you a greater appreciation for the sacrifices made and the lessons learned. Great interview x

  3. Lovely to hear about Kristie, a fabulous interview. My nieces and nephews were brought up speaking fluent German and I know don’t practice it much now but if needed can slip into English or German 🙂 x

  4. Great concept of interviewing #supermamas. I’m a mum of 2 and have recently launched my own business so I take my hat off to other working mums ??

  5. This series is such a good initiative. Motherhood does change us and it’s great to have a peek behind the scenes of these mamapreneurs! I already follow Kristie’s blog (which is lovely by the way!), I’m a fellow bilingual mummy and love following other people’s journeys and swap ideas.

  6. This is incredibly inspiring. I would love my boys to learn another language. I don’t think scouse and Yorkshire count as bilingual. Love that your Italian husband is so supportive. Great interview piece, looking forward to seeing more x Renee

  7. Very interesting and inspiring interview. I didn’t realised that Prada was her actual name. Such a cool name to have! Bring up bilingual children is so so hard. I’m trying so much more to speak Thai to my Evelyn and now she knows more Thai than Ethan. This inspires me to keep on trying. I will be checking our Kristie’s blog and finding out her tips very soon!

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

  8. Lovely idea for a series. I’ve temporarily given up my teaching job to be a home so I love reading about how other people deal with a change of pace! Great interview. I can imagine how challenging raising bilingual kids is!

  9. Raising bilingual children much be such a big challenge, but I bet it’s very rewarding to see once you’re done! Must encourage mine to do some more French practise…

  10. #thesatsesh what a lush idea for a series – it fascinates me how parenting can alter our visions of the future / carers / aspirations and generally life in so many aspects. I know that when it feels right and almost effortless, that its right for you. loved this – look forward to reading others.

  11. Ah raising bilingual children is fantastic and brilliant tool for all children. I am not very good at saying no either, but like you I am getting better. All the best with your blog and your latest venture. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

  12. I love interviews like this that show a little more about the person behind the business. I’m waiting for the time when my girls ask why is daddy speaking a funny language (French)? #FamilyFunLinky

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