Introducing 3FRUUM the Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Platform

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On my insta I talk a lot about ethical fashion because it’s such a relevant and important topic. You might know then, if you follow me there, I often share posts related to ethical and sustainable fashion and what makes a fashion brand good or bad. I’m not a fashion blogger but I’ve learnt a lot of things about fashion in the past few years, because fashion, like any other industries has a carbon footprint (not a small one at that) there are good and bad guys and it’s connected to a lot of other issues too apart from environmental. 

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Fashion and the environment

This is no secret: the fashion industry is a very polluting one, but it’s not all that bad. For all the problems within the fashion industry we do have a phenomenon to blame: fast fashion and even more increasingly: ultra-fast fashion. Namely: Zara and the whole of Inditex Group as well as H&M are fast fashion brands but now deemed not as bad as SHEIN or Boohoo. Fast fashion creates 20% of all global waste and 10% of all carbon emissions (which are set to grow by another 50% till 2030 – madness) and accounts for 20% of all wastewater. Just to mention a few facts. The clothes are also badly made so they fall apart and end up in landfill or in the infamous fast fashion graveyard: the Atacama Desert in Chile.

But there are a lot of small, indy and conscious brands who do the right thing when it comes to sustainability: using recycled material or organically grown natural fibres, making clothes last and of good quality, dealing with waste water in a proper manner.

Fashion and ethics

And there’s the factor of ethics. This side of the fast fashion story is just as equally terrible as the environmental. The above mentioned fast and ultra-fast fashion brands (and more) all been found to run sweat shops, use child labour, force labour, not providing safe working conditions, not paying living wage and even not paying up wages at all. The list goes on and long.

But ethical fashion focuses on garment design, production, and distribution that aims to reduce harm to people and the planet. Ethical fashion should have a positive social, environmental and commercial impact. And luckily there are many brands out there delivering on their promises.

Introducing 3FRUUM the Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Platform

3FRUUM is a fashion community for diversity, inclusivity and storytelling around local, slow and sustainable fashion.
Realizing that good things don’t just happen and that without action there is no change, 3Fruum aims to support those who care about their communities, the people they work with, and the world around them. 
That’s why we are looking for like-minded people to partner with, so we can also support them in their mission and goals.

The platform is an online discovery shop, a community where you can connect with other like-minded people and share your ideas, style and learn.

So I’ve joined as a creator to share my ideas and style. I’ve created my page to do this: and here I add tips and outfit inspiration in the form of photos and stories behind each and every clothing item I share. Which I absolutely love, because most of my clothes has a story to tell. And this is why I love them and keep them.

Here’s an example: My oldest pair of shoes is a 10 years old Converse, which is a limited edition Pink Floyd Chuck Taylor. I love these dearly and although they are now very old and it clearly shows I intend to sear them as long as they can. The thing about these shoes that they are really telling my story and I feel like when people look at them they will instantly know who I am. 

Buying meaningful items is the best way to say no to fast fashion. Because they carry a message about who you really are and your values you will wear them with pride and they always make you feel special.

Maybe mums like me do get sentimental about clothing items? I definitely do. 

How about if my lovely readers also share their stories and explore other ideas? Let me know when you have one up! 

So I will keep adding stories and items in the hope to inspire others to make better fashion purchases. Let me know what do you think about them!

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