wuka period pants

Introducing the New WUKA Flex Period Pants – Fit All Sizes

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I’ve been using a few different reusable products lately. My flow is changing as getting closer to peri menopausal days, or maybe already there, hard to know. I noticed the menstrual cup has not been too comfortable lately so I switched to reusable pads and pants. 

I’ve tried a few different brands of period pants and whilst they always work the same way – having a padded insert sewed in and of course the whole thing is washable – it’s sometimes tricky to choose the right size. I guess I’m not alone with this.

Now WUKA has designed a new, pretty good looking pair of bikini period pants, the WUKA Flex Period Pants with detachable straps so it fits all sizes. Extra small to large.  It’s called WUKA Flex. www.instagram.com/wukawear

wuka period pants

wuka period pants

What I thought about the new WUKA Flex?

What I really like about these is the look – apart from saving tonnes of single use plastic period products going down drains (seriously, don’t do that!) or landfill. Or ending up in our oceans and waterways. They look ace! This high cut bikini shape is now far from granny undies. They come with or the without logo straps and you can choose for medium or heavy flow.

Trying them, I found them (with a medium flow) super comfortable and they lasted all morning and most of the day. Which is great as I don’t want to get changed at work. But if you need to, because of the detachable straps you can, easily, no need to take trousers off. Very clever. In the wetbag they go and in the washing at home. This also makes them ideal to take them to festivals and travelling. They hold 15ml of period flow or light leaks – around 2-3 tampons’ worth, so it can be worn for up to 8 hours.

They are made of Ethical BCI Certified Cotton.

wuka period pants

wuka period pants

Another good thing is that WUKA offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first pair of WUKA pants and WUKA Flex Period pants. For the first 40 days after you receive an order. This allows you to try them hassle free. If they don’t fit then you are welcome to exchange for a different size or get a full refund.

RRP from £15.99

Why swap for reusables?

Regular period products are made of a lot of nasty stuff, much like nappies. A conventional sanitary pad is made of up to 90% plastic  – another is that a pack of menstrual pads is equivalent to 4 plastic bags . Tampons have plastic in them too – even in the string – and plastic applicators are made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). And other chemicals. All of this of course cannot be recycled, they go straight to landfill as they are classified as medical waste.

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