Introducing the World’s First Marketplace for Eco Solutions:

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Have you ever wondered what else can you do to live a little more sustainably? Whilst it’s a THE buzzword these days, it’s important to know, that not everything is sustainable, eco or green as they appear to be or the advertisers telling us. Many big brands use them to keep customers or even to appeal to those who want to shop more eco-consciously. These days this often leads to greenwashing: the process of conveying a false impression or misleading information about how a company’s products are environmentally sound. Greenwashing is an unsubstantiated claim to deceive consumers into believing that a company’s products are environmentally friendly or have a greater positive environmental impact than what is true. And often greenwashing may occur when a company attempts to emphasise sustainable aspects of a product only to cover up their involvement in environmentally-damaging practices. 

So it can be a minefield.

However, the good news is that these are easy to spot and luckily we have alternatives. It’s great to find small, sustainable businesses that do the right thing – it’s just super time-consuming. This is why I teamed up with to introduce their new concept of an innovative, green marketplace for eco solutions aimed at eco-conscious individuals and organisations to share sustainable solutions, products and services.

Marketplace for Eco Solutions:

About – The world’s first marketplace for eco solutions

They use the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as guidance when evaluating both products and partners. Then they group them into categories; each lifestyle category largely contributes to the carbon footprint of individuals and organisations.

Using the latest technology their customers can measure, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint transparently, anywhere, anytime. This is a great step forward for those who want to adapt a greener lifestyle, especially for those just starting out as they can sort out greener solutions for multiple items from the same website, that is And by multiple items, I mean from the smallest eco swaps like a refillable deodorant to refurbished phones, sustainable fashion and electric scooters.

The aim is that customers and marketplace sellers not only offset their carbon emission but to reduce it. The main goal is to reduce carbon footprint as much as possible, to decarbonise. Apart from that, also supports the transition from linear to circular, to not only eliminate waste and pollution but stopping it being produced in the first place, provides education to those who want to learn to live more sustainably (the blog section is full of very useful blog posts covering everything from green finances to how to make technology more circular) and take part in regeneration projects.

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One step at the time

Like I said it before: there’s got to be a step one and we all need to start somewhere – and often the best place to start is… right here, right now. Small steps and keep walking slowly, educating yourself and others around you as you go. I like the idea of starting by calculating your very own, personal carbon footprint. It’s eye opening and you will also know what areas in your lifestyle to tackle first.

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Greenmarket Rewards

With every purchase you’ll receive Greenmarket Tokens. It is basically a carbon credit and has both the value of 1kg carbon dioxide equivalent removed from the atmosphere as well as the monetary value of £0.02. So you can choose to offset it (this happens with Ethereum Blockchain to ensure our carbon offsetting is transparent and traceable) or use it towards your next purchases at the marketplace. (Greenmarket Tokens represent real, tangible value because they are backed by the Carbon Utility Token (CUT) – a legal utility token created from certified carbon offsets regulated in a legal jurisdiction (Liechtenstein.)) 

(Disclaimer: aims for all users and partners to reduce their carbon footprint as much as they possibly can through education, eco-alternatives and behavioural changes, but these are actions worked on over time, so in addition to these action and right now, they encourage offsetting.)

You can also earn tokens via their referral scheme: with the average greenmarket user aiming to reduce their carbon footprint by at least a third, recruiting friends and family can make a great impact.

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My favourites items I would definitely order

Sodium Carbonate with Tea Tree Oil I use this all the time for cleaning at home, the natural yet effective way!

Refurbished Iphone 12 I already bought my last few phones refurbished and I would never buy a new one again. Too many gadgets end up unused and wasted. Cheaper too!

Wild Refillable Deodorant I tried Wild and it’s such a fantastic product. Good for your skin and the environment. The refills are only £5

Plastic Free Toilet Paper A big box of recycled paper toilet rolls made in the UK. As eco-friendly as it gets!

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