Is a Topographical Survey Necessary for Planning Permission?

architect building house

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Are you a developer or homeowner that wants to extend your build? Then first find out, is a topographical survey necessary for planning permission.

architect building house

You may be a homeowner, architect, or developer and are wondering what a topographical survey is and whether it is required for planning permission. It’s important that when you’re extending a build or planning a development you take the proper steps ahead of time so the outcome turns out as you envisioned. 

Depending on your situation or project, there may be planning permission rules you need to follow and meet. You may also want to get topographic surveys so you know how far out you can build. Start by taking the time to learn more about what a topographic survey is, the benefits of getting one, and if it’s necessary for planning permission. 

What is A Topographic Survey?

You may hear a topographic survey referred to as a land survey. What it is exactly is a professional site assessment that will include accurate measurements and documentation of any physical features. Not only does it include the features within the survey area, but also will cover the contours and levels present. The main reason to get a topographic survey is to protect and safeguard yourself from any unforeseen issues and ensure your final project will fit the space. 

Benefits of A Topographic Survey

There are several benefits of having a topographic survey completed before you start your development or building project. You can quickly identify any changes in the elevation of the land and you’ll gain a wealth of information about the land or property that will help you out as a homeowner or developer. It’s better to discover sooner rather than later if the land you’re considering building on or the extension you want to carry out is best suited for the area you are planning on using. 

Is A Topographic Survey Necessary for Planning Permission?

The short answer is that getting a topographic survey done will make planning permission a lot less of an issue. For example, if you are working on extending your home there are rules and permissions you must follow and adhere to. Confirm your new build

How We Can Help

You’ll be glad to know that we can help you succeed with your planning and development project. Here at Wharton, one service we offer is topographical surveys so that you have the data and facts, and figures you need to move forward. Our team can produce accurate and useful information for you based on the latest GPS and Total Station technology that we apply. This ensures that we always meet each client’s unique specifications. 


A topographical survey is important for many reasons, and it’s always best to get one for planning permission purposes than it is to skip this step and hope for the best. It’s a decision you won’t regret and it’ll help you ensure a successful outcome for your development. Get in touch today for advice you need to plan and set up a topographical survey so you can properly develop and manage your land. 

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