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Is CBD Suitable for Vegans?

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Veganism has soared in popularity within the past decade. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for the rise in vegan diets is the momentous environmental benefit that it has on our planet. Eco-friendly living has never more so been important, and veganism seems to provide us with an ideal place to start.

With CBD also having become a health and wellness revolution in recent years, can both veganism and CBD be combined as a lifestyle choice? Let’s delve into the foundations of veganism, and discuss why CBD can be of benefit for those with plant-based diets.

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What is Veganism, and What are the Key Benefits?

A vegan diet can be distinguished from a vegetarian diet in that it avoids all foods derived from animals, including butter, milk, cheese and eggs.  By avoiding animal agriculture through a meat-free diet, veganism plays a significant role in helping to decrease harmful greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy consumption, prevent water pollution, and strengthen soil.

The vegan lifestyle is not just limited to the food that you consume, however. Being vegan also means making an ethical commitment to actively avoid buying any products which are derived from animal products. This includes wool, leather, silk, fur, as well as any other products that have been tested on animals. Vegans are also heavily against animal exploitation for human benefit such as in zoos or for research and testing.

The powerful long-term health benefits of being vegan are often enough to encourage people to try out veganism. Studies have revealed that those who continue to incorporate plant-based diets into their lives are at a lower risk of serious illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Those who take the leap to go vegan can also expect short-term benefits too, including an improved quality of sleep, boosted mood, healthier looking skin, and even weight loss.

What is CBD, and is it Vegan Friendly?

Sold legally across the UK and in many other countries, CBD (cannabidiol) is naturally extracted from the hemp plant, and does not share the same psychotropic effects as THC. As Vitality CBD states, the remarkable world of CBD is continuing to explode in popularity, with the global CBD market projected to hit £80 billion by 2026.

The reason for this rising interest is due to CBD’s potential therapeutic capabilities. As evidenced by a plethora of research, CBD is thought to help manage anxiety levels, improve sleep quality, and even reduce discomfort from inflammation or chronic pain caused by illness.

CBD’s relationship with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) makes this all possible. In brief, our ECS is found in our body’s major organs, and works hard to regulate both our immune system and nervous system for natural balance. As such, it is understood that CBD acts as additional support to this vital network by safely influencing our body’s natural CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors.

While CBD extract is 100% vegan, manufacturers are at liberty to add oils, colourings, and flavourings that conflict with the practices of veganism. Most if not all of the best CBD brands on the market make a conscious effort to ensure that their products are inclusive for all ways of living, including veganism.

What Benefits does CBD have for Vegans?

While cannabidiol isn’t exclusively aimed at vegan diets, there are an array of notable CBD benefits that vegans should know about. Firstly, CBD is a powerful plant-based protein source – the hemp plant contains all 10 amino acids which maintain several vital functions in the body for optimal health.

CBD can also be a great iron alternative to animal meat and iron supplements, helping to keep your hemoglobin levels intact and assisting with oxygen transportation. On top of all these benefits, CBD contains B vitamins including Vitamin B6, B12, riboflavin and niacin. CBD is even known to help eliminate toxins by supplying your body with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, flavonoids, and other strong antioxidant properties.

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