Is Your Car As Sustainable As Possible?

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Do you know how much carbon dioxide (CO2) your current car produces? 

Transport is responsible for a third of CO2 emissions in the UK, and our cars play a significant role in the problem. We now know that CO2 has been produced naturally on the earth for millions of years, through decomposition, respiration and ocean release. The real problem comes from the fact that an-made CO2 emissions, which are created by industry and other activities, have upset the natural balance of the atmosphere and the earth. Therefore, we need to act before we reach a point of no return. There is a lot we can do to reduce our CO2 emissions and choosing a sustainable vehicle is detrimental to your green progress. The target for CO2 emission in 2021 is to hit 95g per km. While it is an EU objective, it makes no doubt that Brexit shouldn’t affect our environmental efforts. So how can you make sure your car is as sustainable as it can be for the planet? 


Modern EVs are getting better

Electric vehicles are a preferred choice for families who want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions because EVs emit 50% less gas than diesel vehicles. If the entire population were to switch to electric cars, town centres would feel a lot cleaner and greener for it! However, many households have concerns about today’s electric vehicles. Indeed, while vehicles produce less greenhouse gas on a daily basis, the process of manufacturing a mid-sized electric car creates more CO2 emissions than making a petrol engine. Additionally, EVs batteries can’t be effectively recycled at the end of their life. Currently, only 20% of the battery can be reused, which creates up to 80% waste. Nevertheless, while the current situation may not be perfect for EVs, we have to remember that electric cars are still in their infancy. 

Keeping your old car is not an option either 

It’s understandable that more and more households prefer to delay the purchase of an EV to make sure they can pick a vehicle that has the lowest possible impact on the environment. As a result, people continue to drive their old petrol or diesel vehicles on the road, increasing CO2 emissions in the process. Unfortunately, as cars are becoming older, they also get less reliable, which can lead to an increase in crashes and collisions. In an effort to preserve the environment, you might find yourself having to look for the toughest car accident lawyers in town to protect your rights and your family. Needless to say, keeping the planet green comes at a high cost when it comes to picking the right car. However, it’s hopefully only a transitional phase. 

There is no best option at the time being. Electric cars are getting better, but they don’t yet deliver as much as they promise for the environment. However, manufacturers are constantly innovating and researching, which means that we are likely to see greener building procedures and technologies in the near future. In the meantime, why not try to walk more and drive less? 

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