Italy For The Purists


Italy is one of those rare places where beauty radiates from almost every region, city and corner. You could put a map on a wall, pop a blindfold over your eyes and stick a pin into any part of it safe in the knowledge you would be absolutely blown away by that spot and that spot alone. That is part of the magic that is Italy.

But what if you wanted a truly authentic Italian experience? What then?

I’m  talking about getting under the skin of what we’ve all seen dancing across different Instagram feeds, each picture as stunning and different from the last; each one earmarked with the hashtag ‘no filter’. I’m  talking about getting the inside scoop only  what real Italy is like, which is why I have pulled together this guide full of the top places to visit in Italy.

Bellissima, Florence

Forget what you may have heard up to this moment because Florence is the crown jewel of the Renaissance. It’s the greatest city of art anywhere in Europe, each street corner boasting yet more unrivalled architecture, each museum and gallery bursting with art. But this cultural wonder isn’t the only thing that makes it the first stop on your authentic tour. It’s the quintessential vibrancy of this Italian city. It’s the nightlife, the bars and cafes and restaurants. It’s the mix of old and new, traditional and contemporary, all of it tucked beneath the vine-covered hills of Tuscany.

Ti Amo, Milan

When people think of Milan, their minds spring to the fashion and glamour; a place where no one is anything less than chic and everything is in vogue. Yet there is so much more to Milan. It’s a place so full of quaint history that it answers the question, where to study Italian in Italy; which is kudos to its authenticity. Driving toward this magical metropolis, you’ll see modern skyscrapers tickle the underbelly of the sky, but one afternoon walking around its streets and you’ll stumble across more interior courtyards than you can raise a pair of Gucci sunglasses at. It’s a juxtaposition like nowhere else.

Il Nostro Preferito, Amalfi

Of all the costs in Italy, the Amalfi is the one everyone needs to experience with the air own eyes, the wind blowing through their hair as they travel between Sorrento and Ravello in a classic convertible, following the road as it hugs the coastline, clinging on tight to the cliffs that stand above the little villages and larger towns here. This part of Italy is as glamorous as it is historic, incredible colours bursting from every hillside, whether it be lemons, olives, vines or whatever.

Como And Garda

When you think about the great lakes of Italy, especially those in the southern foothills of the Alps, you think about the glamour, the expense, the beauty and the glitz. But these lakes haven’t sprung to the forefront of luxury recently. It was the Romans who first saw the magic here, building sumptuous villas on the shore. Trust me, no amount of Instagram scrolling can ever do this place justice.

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