It’s Time To Get Realllly Cosy

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There are many things that you should be doing in life right now, and one of the main is focusing on yourself. Women and men alike are usually so bad for putting themselves first, yet get judged for doing it! But as long as you’re not completely selfish, I just think it’s so important to take some time to focus on the things you like in life, and I think all a lot of lives are missing, is a bit of cosiness. Where is the main place that you can get super cosy? Your home of course! Your home is a place of solitude that you just long to come home to, so much so that it makes the working day so much harder to deal with. But what you’ll soon realise after the changes you can make today, is that you’ve actually been missing out on a lot of comfort. Have a read of the tips we’ve got for you below, and see if we can help you to get reallllly cosy.


The Additions You’re Missing Out On

These are the additions that you might not know you’ve been missing out on, because you’ve never really had them in your life before. Top on my list is a fireplace. Some homes are just not built with them, especially ones that aren’t super old. But it’s not even a real fireplace that we think you’re missing out on, as these can actually be hard to look good in your home. I’m talking about a gas heater that can be used for a fireplace that is fake. Yes, I did just say fake, but I think they’re just so much better. For one, they’re actually not that hard to install, and you can have so many different styles that just look so ultra modern. Plus, you won’t be breaking the bank to run them. Nothing looks better in our opinion than an electric fireplace in a toasty room!

Stop Stressing About The Bills!

If you want your home to be toasty and warm all of the time, then I just know you’re going to complain about bills, or at least stress about them as much as you possibly can stress about something. But, there are ways of ensuring they’re kept down, and one thing you can do is smart meters. They manage your bills so that you can see what they are within your home. Plus, you can control them from your phone, so you could set the heating and other appliances to come on an hour before you come home, rather than having them on whilst you’re out!

The Most Cosy Bedroom Of All

I want to finish off in the bedroom, because that’s the place where you love the be cosy the most. An addition that I think is just so underrated, is a big fluffy throw. It looks nice like an accessory when the bed is made, yet it is just so much better to cuddle up to than your bedding is!

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