Keep Your Clothes (and Closet) Smelling Naturally Good with These Tips

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Whether you’re dressing up to go to work or for a fun night with friends, you want to wear clothes that are clean and smell fresh.  So if there’s a musty scent coming from your clothes each time you pull them out of your closet, it can be a problem. You can try to cover up the smell by spraying on some perfume, but the more important course of action is to identify what’s causing your clothes to smell bad. 

Many closets are compact and don’t have proper air circulation. These conditions can cause bad odors to develop over time and permeate every item stored inside the closet. It’s also possible that the smell was caused by poor laundry practices, your clothes will continue to smell bad even after you wash them.

If you want to keep your clothes and closet smelling good, here are some tips you can follow. 

clothes fashion

Wash and Dry Your Clothes Properly

The scent of your clothes starts with how you do laundry. Often, the stink and musty smell that lingers in the clothes are caused by the bacteria in your sweat. And if you’re not washing your clothes properly, the bacteria can stick to the fabric even after laundering. To take care of the odour, use only the recommended amount of eco-friendly, non-bio detergent for each load. Using too much detergent can leave soap residue, which can remain on the fabric and allow more bacteria to grow on your clothes. If you’re worried that detergent isn’t enough to remove the smell from dirty clothes, you can add some distilled vinegar to deodorise your laundry.

After your clothes go through their recommended washing cycle, immediately hang them to dry. Keeping wet clothes inside the washing machine for too long can cause them to develop a musty smell, so you’d have to wash them again if you want your clothes to smell clean and fresh.

In addition to washing and drying your clothes properly, consider choosing garments with antimicrobial properties. They help reduce odour-causing bacteria, so your clothes smell fresher. They are also especially helpful for people who release more sweat in certain body parts. For example, you can buy antimicrobial socks to help you keep sweaty feet from smelling funky.

Inspect Your Closet for Mold and Mildew

Before storing your clean clothes, make sure to check your closet and see where the foul odour is coming from. Perhaps you accidentally kept a dirty shirt or forgot to let your shoes dry properly before storing them in your closet. Mold and mildew may also have grown in the enclosed space, as a result of moisture being trapped. If your closet wall has any green, black, white, or grey spots, these can be molds and must be immediately removed.

To remove mould and mildew, fill a spray bottle with equal parts vinegar and warm water. Then, spray the solution on the area with moulds and let it sit there. If you want to make sure the mould won’t appear again, keep moisture away from your closet by storing only dry garments inside. In case your closet is close to the bathroom or an area with high levels of humidity, consider placing a dehumidifier in the closet. You can get an electric one or a dehumidifier that uses drying crystals to absorb moisture in the air.

Clean Your Closet Regularly

To ensure your clothes smell fresh while they are stored in your closet, make sure to give the space a good cleaning. Begin with removing everything in your closet so you can access every nook and cranny. With an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner or washing up soap and water, clean all the surfaces in your closet from top to bottom. This includes the shelves, closet rods, drawers, and walls. Then, vacuum the floors to remove any dirt or dust. 

Before putting back your garments, make sure all the surfaces are dry. You can air dry them or use a fan to hasten the drying process. Also, remember to arrange your clothes in a way that allows air to flow through them better. Remove items you no longer need or use to create space and keep your things from being packed too closely together. This allows for proper air circulation and keeps the garments inside smelling good. 

Switch to Wooden Hangers

As you clean your closet and organize your clothes, consider getting wooden hangers to freshen up your storage. Wooden hangers can help eliminate bad odours in your closet. The wood absorbs moisture in the air so it doesn’t get on your clothes, which can contribute to the unpleasant musty smell. Apart from being natural deodorizers, using wooden hangers to hang your clothes help retain their shape better so they can last longer. There are also scented wooden hangers available in some home goods stores so you can get a whiff of fragrant wood when you take clothes out of your closet.

Use Your Favourite Scents

Another way to keep your clothes and the rest of your closet smelling good is to use your favorite essential oil fragrances. Drop your favorite essential oil on some cotton balls or piece of cloth. Once they have completely dried, place them on a shelf or drawer in your closet. Alternatively, you can wrap scented soaps in thin fabrics and place them in your closet. The scent will lightly adhere to your clothes so they smell clean and sweet.

If you want other natural alternatives, you can use dry ground coffee to absorb any foul odors in the closet. Put the coffee in a container and poke holes on the lid. Then, place the container in your closet. For best results, replace the coffee grounds every month.

At times, your clothes can have a musty smell on them even if they are clean. Once you figure out the cause, it’s usually easy to fix and you can prevent further problems this way. When you’ve gotten rid of the smelly source, you can now add scents that you do enjoy so you can always wear your clothes with confidence. 

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