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Kicking The Habit – How To Quit Smoking

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
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If you are a smoker, chances are that once the addiction had set it, the allure of the habit will have probably gone far away. There used to be a time when smoking was considered glamorous. Models and actors would be seen smoking on the covers of magazines and in popular movies. But nowadays, the fact that smoking causes so many health problems means that most countries have quite strict rules about how smoking can be portrayed in the media and the once massive industry of advertising cigarettes is pretty a thing of the past. 

And when it comes to going out in public, concerns over passive smoking has brought about bans on cigarette smoke in lots of public places, including bars. All of these changes have sparked a change in many people’s attitudes, and a high percentage of smokers have quit as a result. 

But the health concerns are not the only reason that people are putting out their cigarettes for the last time. With taxation on cigarettes designed to put people off the habit, many find that it is not something that they are able to continue to do. 

smoking cigarette

Finding An Alternative

One of the biggest changes that has happened as a result of the culture shift in smoking is that many people have moved on to vaping using e-cigarettes. With a huge market opening wide, e-cigs, vape sticks, and vape pens have become the norm with all kinds of different flavors available. Vaping stores have opened in lots of places and you can come get amazing value for Shisha pens

This is a fairly new industry in the grand scheme of things, and while early indications are that there are fewer health concerns associated with using vape sticks, there may still be health implications that are yet to be revealed. 

Cold Turkey

Giving up smoking will not only put extra money in your pocket, but it could also save your life. One way that many people choose to quit is by going cold turkey. But just stopping you may find that you will go through a difficult phase initially, but you will be able to quit for good within a short space of time. This will require willpower, and there are many ways that you could trip up and fail so you should prepare yourself and consider how you will feel if you fail. 

Cutting Down

Cutting down on your smoking is a good idea, whether you plan to quit or not. Many people choose to slowly cut back on the amount that they smoke and reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke in a day. This again has its positives and negatives as it is easy to slip back up to smoking more. 

Getting Support

If you want to quit, speak with your doctor and seek out groups that help people to quit. You may want to get nicotine patches and take up and another activity to distract you from your urges. 

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