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Off-road bikes are specially designed for all-terrain adventures. You can ride on pavement, dirt, or path with pedal assist, fat tires, and a motor to take you farther. They provide a natural feeling ride that opens new possibilities on the train. Opt to ride off-road electric bikes and broaden your horizons, get to the trailhead faster, keep up with a fast group of buddies, as a tool for work, for athletic training, or to return to riding after an injury.

An off-road e-bike will help you ride steeper trails, climb longer, enjoy further vistas, explore more terrain, and ride more aesthetic descents. Whatever your reason, an off-road e-bike can take you farther.

Off-Road Electric Bikes

Go Farther

Off-road electric bikes can help you reach distances you previously thought possible by combining your muscle and electric power to give you the most natural and efficient e-bike riding experience. This hybrid cycling technology gives you an easy power boost to climb longer and steeper trails faster and with less fatigue.

How does it Work?

Off-road electric bikes are powered by SyncDrive motors and fuelled by integrated EnergyPak batteries that are safe, easy to use, easy to remove, and rechargeable. Besides, there’s a smart assist feature to help you as you ride, adjusting how the motor uses much power to match every pedal stroke and sensing how hard you’re pedalling.

All the control is in your hands. You can select how hard you want to pedal by choosing from the different levels of assistance via the intuitive Ride Control handlebar control feature.

How Fast Can You Travel on Electric Bikes?

By regulation, while pedalling, the motor will assist you in reaching maximum speeds of 25 Km/h in Europe and 32 Km/h (20 mph) in the US. When you cease pedalling, for instance, when descending, the motor stops assisting you to generate more speed.

Is it hard to Ride?

With geometry focused on women’s data, off-road electric bikes are specially designed to meet the unique rider and terrain needs. That implies that the bikes are designed to put the rider in a more comfortable position where they can seamlessly pedal the bike and maneuver over and around trail obstacles. These bikes come equipped with one-by drivetrains, hydraulic disc brakes, and fat wheels.

How Far Can an Electric Bike Go?

The battery range depends on several factors, including tire pressure, trail conditions, weather, how often you shift gears, and the rider’s weight. The EnergyPaks batteries come with numerous power options, and the more watt-hours, the farther you can go. Besides, if you use the Eco mode, the lowest setting, you can travel even farther.

Are Off-road Electric Bikes Allowed on my Local Trails?

It’s advisable to always check your local ordinances and laws before venturing on the trail. Even then, it’s important to take a few things in mind to ensure you’re respectful of other trail users:

  • Communicate with other users when coming up behind, and always yield to hikers, runners, horses, and uphill riders
  • Avoid riding on the wet trails and stay on the marked trail.
  • Check your speed, and watch for the uphill blind corners. The motor kicks in when pedalling, so you could be traveling uphill faster than normal.

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