How To Make Lebkuchen Christmas Tree Decoration

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So, I’ve been baking all week last week to get the recipe right for this year’s Christmas tree decoration. I’ve decided to make cookie ornaments this year, completely toddler friendly, if Bobcat gets his hands on them and takes a bite – no problemo, it’s just cookies. Oh, and the gorgeous smell of the freshly baked cookies will fill your house for days giving you an extra benefit for your efforts!

Lebkuchen Christmas Tree Decoration

Find my recipe for the Lebkuchen (German honey and ginger cookie) here: Christmas Lebkuchen Recipe


I used 2 methods for decorating the cookies base:

  • Home-made sugar paste. Easier than you think. Put some icing sugar into a small bowl, pour very little water on it and stir. Keep adding more water depending how thick paste you want. For dipping, the watery paste is better, but for snow-white writing quality icing you need to add less water making the mixture thicker. Then ladle it into a clean plastic food zip bag and cut a tiny hole off one corner. This is the cheapest possible option to create your own icing pipe. You can also perfectly determinate the size of the hole. I then used some edible white pearl and bronze sprinklers too.


  • Ready to roll icing. I used Ready To Roll White Icing and I was very happy with it, so easy to use! With Christmas themed decorating cutters I made cut outs from the thinly rolled icing and stick them on the Lebkuchens with edible glue.


To cut a hole into the cookies so that I can hang them on the tree I used a simple paper drinking straw at around half way through the 10 minutes baking time. To hang them on the tree I used silk ribbon pieces, in festive red and green colour.

The preparation is very easy, the baking takes little time too, so I can recommend it as a children Christmas preparation activity, the decoration is good fun and it makes very little mess.



  1. This is a great idea! i love the idea of doing letters, too, what a lovely craft. #MakeItLinky

  2. This is such a great idea, I love the idea of having that gorgeous smell around for a few days too. I have a feeling my dogs would have the tree down and cookies all eaten even faster than my kids would though ?
    Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x

  3. These are SO beautiful, and your photos are gorgeous! What amazing decorations! Merry Christmas & thanking for linking up to #MakeItLinky

  4. These are lovely, such gorgeous edible treats for the tree (and all the better for being home made). They look really effective and I bet they smell good too! Thanks for linking up #MakeItLinky

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