Lifestyle Changes to Help You Manage Pain

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At some point in our lives, most of us deal with pain. Some can be caused by injuries, in which case it’s always worth to visit Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin. For some of us, it’s a chronic pain, that is server and long-term. It’s a pain that we have to live with, that will never entirely leave us, and that affects our day to day life. For others, it’s the usual aches and pains that come with age. We start to notice that we ache more after exercising or that we pull muscles more easily. You might find that after a long day on our feet we’re tired and our legs hurt, or that we can’t push ourselves at the gym without being in agony the day after. 

How you manage your pain will depend on its cause. Of course, you won’t cope with chronic pain in the same way as you would a sprained ankle that will heal and repair in time. But, when it comes to the normal aches and pains of life, there are plenty of lifestyle changes that you can make that could help you to manage.

blueberries fruit

Experiment with Foods

Food affects us in different ways, and many people find that certain ingredients can help them to manage pain. Ginger, blueberries, turmeric, salmon, cherries, olive oil and chilli peppers can all help as they contain natural anti-inflammatory properties. Vsavi have a wide range of products that could offer up alternative solutions to your pain and sometimes, just chilling out with your favourite drinks and snacks can help you to feel better. 

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Get Strong

If you have a condition that affects your joints or muscles, you should speak to your doctor before taking on any exercise plan. But, if not, you need to make strength your aim. 

So many of us limit our food intake and hit the gym in the hope of losing weight and searching for that ever-elusive thigh gap. But, being super skinny can be incredibly unhealthy. Your body won’t be strong enough to cope with tough days, and it will have trouble recovering from injury. 

Instead, make your aim a healthy weight, and strong body. Add strength training and Pilates to your workouts, instead of focusing solely on cardio, and watch your body change. 

Get More Sleep

While you are asleep, your body is resting. Your muscles are repairing, your joints are taking a break, and your body is getting the rest that it needs to start the next day at it’s best. Fail to get enough sleep, and your body will start each day less than 100%, making it easier to get injured and harder to live with aches and pains. Get a good night’s sleep whenever you can, and you’ll manage pain better. 

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Listen to Your Body

If your body hurts during a workout, stop. If it’s too tight to go to the gym, take a walk, or try a light yoga routine instead. If you are tired, sleep. If you are stressed out, have a warm bath and relax with a good book. Learn to listen to your body, and to recognise the signs that something is wrong. 

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