Light Bulb Moments – The Benefits Of Solar Power For Business

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Nowadays, we have more information available to us than ever before and it can often lead to slowing down the decision making process. As individuals and businesses alike sift through all of this information, they often find it difficult to find the right solution for their needs. Studies often contradict each other, the data available can be very one-sided and what results is a flurry of mixed information. However, a point usually comes when all of the misleading research is blown aside, the truth shines true and that light-bulb, ‘aha’ moment is realised.

Take solar power for example. Many companies think that it’s going to cost too much to install, that it isn’t reliable and that it’s difficult to maintain. The truth is that solar panels have dropped 80% in price since 2008, the Australian continent has the highest solar radiation per square meter of any continent and because solar panels do not have moving parts, maintenance is extremely minimal. The growth of solar power usage in Australia in recent years has been phenomenal and more and more businesses are realising the benefits of choosing solar power for their operations. Solar has a lot to offer and businesses of all types can reap the benefits of choosing this renewable energy source.

Continue reading to learn more about just some of the solar power benefits your business can enjoy by making the switch to solar.

Light Bulb Moments - The Benefits Of Solar Power For Business

Reduce Pollution

Global warming is causing extreme weather patterns around the globe, which we are all experiencing on a regular basis. Solar power is a great way to mitigate global warming as it doesn’t cause any pollution during use, unlike traditional power stations that burn coal and release carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. If your company is seen to be part of the solution towards global warming instead of adding to it, this will lead to an improved reputation for your organisation. In a time where consumers are looking more closely at how products are produced and businesses operate, your commitment to green energy can potentially lead to you reaching a new eco-conscious customer base.

Excellent Return On Investment

Solar power is a sound investment for your business as it generates long-term savings and quick paybacks. You will experience long-term savings in the sense that you are sorting out your energy source for the next 25 years or more with a solar panel installation. And the quick paybacks will soon come your way because once installed and operational, you will be paying less for your electricity than you would by using non-renewable energy. Check out this page:


Save On Utilities

When solar power first came into existence, it was expensive to install and to maintain because the technology was still very much in the development stage. However, nowadays, the technology itself has become cheaper because photovoltaic modules (the hardware that stores the sun’s energy) is now significantly cheaper to manufacture. This means that you pay less for the hardware that is needed for your solar power system reducing the price of installations. As well as saving on the installation, solar power greatly reduces what you will pay for your power needs since you are producing your own energy.

Don’t Just Pay, Get Paid

Business can become a small power station on the side, earn credit and even get paid for your surplus electricity. If you have a business and your business is closed on weekends, a solar power system can become a residual income generating asset. Any surplus power that your company generates, and you don’t use, can get fed back into the municipal power grid. The grid acts as a huge battery, making your surplus power available for others to use, and by doing this, you get paid. Depending on your location in Australia, you might be eligible for Feed-in Tariffs and be able to increase your income in the process.

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It’s Good For Company Reputation

Any progressive business realises the significance of sustainability in their day-to-day operations. With more and more consumers preferring to support green businesses, it makes sense to use renewable energy. Using solar energy, as a renewable energy source can have a positive response from your client base, as well as attract new customers. Not only are you helping save the environment, but it can act as a great marketing tool as well. Businesses who use renewable energy, have a positive impact on the community that they serve and this results in a positive impact on your company’s reputation.

Use The Sun To Light Up Your Business

There are many benefits of switching to solar power for your business. The cost of solar systems has declined dramatically over the last 10 years, the improved technology makes the systems reliable and maintenance can be done using monitoring software from the service provider. Switching to solar is a hassle-free, easy solution to your ongoing energy needs. It will reduce your energy costs, improve your reputation and set your company up for a much brighter future


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