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Clothing retailers across the country are pulling down the ski jackets, woolly hats, and trench coats, as winter gives way to spring. But what exactly is the coming season going to bring? With so much diversity on offer on the modern high street, it’s difficult to keep track of the trends. If you’re going to stay in vogue this coming season, however, then you’ll need to do exactly that.

Fortunately, we’ve got some advance notice of what’s coming. Let’s take a look at some of the developments in the world of fashion, and how we might work them into your spring wardrobe.

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Three-quarter sleeves and open V-necks

The season is tending in the direction of all things ruffled and slightly baggy. If it blows in the wind, then it might well be in. If the weather isn’t yet warm enough for this sort of thing, then you might complement an outfit of this kind with a thermal vest underneath. Women’s thermal tops are infinitely useful, and you’ll probably hang on to them for longer than you do the items you’re wearing over the top of them. As we’ll see, they’re flexible enough to be worn with a wide range of garments – and, since you don’t see them, they never go out of style!

Bold Colours and Patterns

While muted shades might be safer, going big and brash is sure to be much more in keeping with the season. We might expect a shallow wave of 60s-inspired nostalgia, which will bring bold chequered patterns and garish colours come to the forefront. Primary blues, lime green and hot orange are all worthwhile candidates. Just make sure you’re not retreating into half-measures.

Baggy Jeans

Another source of nostalgia this spring comes from the 90s when skater-culture inspired denim was at the height of its powers. As well as being stylish, in a grungy sort of way, loose jeans just happen to be much more comfortable. They, too, can easily accommodate thermal underwear – making them great for winter as well as spring. You can even go for double denim if you’re feeling sufficiently bold. Which, remember, is par for the course this spring.

Knitwear and Crochet

Knitwear has been all the rage throughout winter – and its dominance looks set to continue into spring. From full-length knitted dresses to cardigans and crochet sets. Having tops and trousers with lots of holes in them allows for much greater flexibility. You can wear them on top of your other clothes when the weather’s cold; you can wear them in isolation when the weather is hot. You can even make a feature of the knitted bras that have become so widespread in recent years.

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